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Vanessa Glavac

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Why the social justice movement demands absolute perfection

No matter what the individual does, they will never reach the constant changing of perfection demanded by the social justice cult.

Vanessa Glavac / Mar 7, 2020


Cancel culture has nothing to do with holding people accountable

In a cancel culture, hate is love.

Vanessa Glavac / Feb 16, 2020


In cults and the social justice movement, the cult is always right

The social justice movement and cults convince people they are wrong by mobbing and shaming them.

Vanessa Glavac / Jan 19, 2020


How social justice and cults control language to control you

The social justice movement and cults both try to control language in order to control people’s thoughts and actions.

Vanessa Glavac / Jan 12, 2020


Cults and SJWs exercise full control over members’ environments

Cults and the social justice movement overwhelm followers at all times of the day and all of their environments.

Vanessa Glavac / Jan 5, 2020


Social justice controls people with the exact same tactics as cults

The first in series of articles on the psychological manipulation strategies used by the SJW movement in order to get followers to unquestioningly comply.

Vanessa Glavac / Dec 23, 2019


CTV’s The Social host argues kids can benefit from swearing

A co-host of CTV’s The Social said she was at first mortified by her daughter swearing, but was then proud she used the word correctly.

Vanessa Glavac / Dec 19, 2019

Opinion, Culture

CTV’s The Social defends Trudeau’s gossip about Trump

CTV’s The Social’s co-hosts defended Trudeau’s gossiping about Trump, calling it standing up to a bully.

Vanessa Glavac / Dec 9, 2019

Opinion, Culture

CTV’s The Social is missing the point behind sheltering children from nudity

CTV’s The Social stirred controversy again when the ladies discussed kids seeing their parents naked.

Vanessa Glavac / Dec 9, 2019

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