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Warren Steinley

Warren Steinley is a Conservative MP for Regina-Lewvan


The Liberal motto on Saskatchewan: Stop what you’re doing, even if it helps

It is no secret that the Trudeau Liberals have struggled mightily on Saskatchewan soil in recent years, and messages continue to be sent to the province that the current government has no plans or intentions to change that.

Warren Steinley / Jan 6, 2022


Why are threats of violence okay for the left?

David Suzuki has the audacity to threaten the livelihoods of tens of thousands of Canadians and the infrastructure that provides energy security for our country.

Warren Steinley / Nov 25, 2021

Opinion, News Analysis

Canadians deserve better than Trudeau's scandals, corruption, and coverups

The Liberals have done nothing to secure the long-term prosperity of Canadians, in fact anyone born on Budget day 2021 already owes $28,000 towards our national debt.

Warren Steinley / Aug 15, 2021

Opinion, News Analysis

It's time to unleash Canada's full potential

Conservatives recognize the potential that Canada has within its own borders to help Canadian entrepreneurs and consumers.

Warren Steinley / Jul 30, 2021

Opinion, News Analysis, #C10

The path to ending the mistreatment of western Canadians is the Conservative Equalization Rebate

Beginning to address Equalization through this rebate is just the first step. Western Canadians deserve respect and a secure future.

Warren Steinley / Jul 9, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

The real cost of Trudeau's Carbon Tax

This tax hurts everyone. Unlike other provinces rich in hydroelectricity, in Saskatchewan we rely on different energy sources to light or heat our homes, which often leaves us with higher costs.

Warren Steinley / Apr 2, 2021

Opinion, News Analysis

Trudeau must be transparent about plans to end COVID lockdowns

Justin Trudeau is betting on a half-baked vaccine plan that relies on partnering with the Chinese Communist Party, instead of working with companies right here in western Canada.

Warren Steinley / Mar 12, 2021

Opinion, Politics & Policy

Trudeau's new taxes add insult to economic injury

Trudeau's plan to ramp up Taxes & regulations during an economic crisis is a surefire recipe for disaster.

Warren Steinley / Jan 14, 2021

Opinion, News Analysis

Trudeau Liberals are to blame for 591 layoffs in Regina

The Trudeau Liberal government’s campaign against energy is wreaking havoc on Western communities.

Warren Steinley / Dec 17, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

Canada has what we need to rebuild our global economic advantage—except strong leadership

Canada's political leaders should use COVID-19 as a "wake-up call" and realize that the most sustainable trade, is trade within our Confederation.

Warren Steinley / Nov 23, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

Canada needs a real economic recovery plan—not the ineffectual one presented in the Throne Speech

Empowering Canadian industry, while working with producers to achieve world-class environmental standards, is the only way to bring prosperity back to Canadian shores.

Warren Steinley / Oct 7, 2020

Opinion, Politics & Policy

Unleashing Canada's economic potential with O'Toole at the helm

Better leadership and policies offer the only path to recovery for Canada's economy.

Warren Steinley / Sep 17, 2020

Opinion, Politics & Policy

Team Canada needs a new captain in Erin O'Toole

It is for these reasons that I think former Air Force Captain, lawyer, and Cabinet Minister Erin O'Toole should be Canada's next Prime Minister.

Warren Steinley / Aug 28, 2020

Opinion, Politics & Policy

Trudeau's panicked firing of Morneau and historic backtrack on prorogation are acts of desperation

The question at the top of mind for Canadians right now is "will he get away with it?"

Warren Steinley / Aug 21, 2020

Canadian News, Opinion

The culture of corruption in Trudeau government

Every single Liberal Member of Parliament needs to look themselves in the mirror and decide if they are comfortable with Justin Trudeau being the leader of their party given his scandal-plagued track record.

Warren Steinley / Jul 23, 2020

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