Auditor General unlikely to receive funding required to audit Trudeau government

Many are outraged that the Trudeau government appears to have money for everything under the sun except for an audit of their own conduct.
Ali Taghva Montreal, QC

The Liberal government appears unwilling to increase funds to the Auditor Generals office, even after being called out by the media earlier this month.

According to a recently released news report, there is very little chance that there will be an increase in funding to the Auditor General’s office.

According to Blacklock’s, “MPs on the Commons public accounts committee yesterday said there is little chance cabinet will increase funding for the Auditor General’s office.”

As a result, auditors will likely discontinue their audits of cybersecurity and travel as well as other unspecified issues.

The Auditor General was seeking $10.8 million to complete the audits of federal government employees.

With audits being limited at the same time as the federal government continues to spend on virtually every file, many are calling out the Trudeau administration for poorly planned and selective spending.

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Ali Taghva
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