Scheer demands Trudeau government pull $41 million in aid from China

Canada sent $41 million in foreign aid to the authoritarian regime of China. $3.4 million of that was sent in direct grants.
Roberto Wakerell-Cruz Montreal, QC

Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer on Sunday called for foreign aid funding to be pulled from China. Figures reveal that Canada sent more foreign aid funding to China than to Sudan or Zambia, according to Blacklock's Reporter.

“I don’t believe Canadian taxpayers should be sending any money to China,” Scheer told reporters. “We’re talking about a Communist dictatorial government that abuses human rights, quashes freedoms, violates rights of its citizens, and has a very aggressive foreign policy all throughout the region.”

“Even before this pandemic there were clear signs China is headed in a direction that is not in alignment with Canadian values when it comes to foreign policy,” said Scheer. “Add in the fact they’re holding two Canadian citizens hostage, and that they are blocking exports of Canadian products.”

“We’ve been calling on this government to stand up for itself, stand up for Canadians, stop being bullied and pushed around on the world stage especially by China,” said Scheer.

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs' Statistical Report on International Assistance, Canada sent $41 million in foreign aid to the authoritarian regime. $3.4 million of that was sent in direct grants.

In comparison, Canada sent $49 million to Sudan, $31 million to Somalia, $30 million to Honduras, and $23 million to Zambia.

Canada also runs a $50 billion trade deficit with China, a deficit that has been on the rise since 1992.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz
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