Canadians finding uncashed cheques from CRA—and no, it’s not a scam

One Canadian discovered some extra money that he didn’t realize he had awaiting him after signing into his CRA account.

One Twitter user has found extra money that he didn’t realize he already had just waiting for him to claim. The user “Platinum Seat Ghosts” signed in to his CRA account and found $105 waiting for him in the “uncashed checks” section.

In a post he tweeted, “FYI My Account on the CRA website has a section of ‘uncashed cheques.’ Highly suggest checking to see if you’ve got any. I had 105 dollars from 2017.”

The post has received hundreds of retweets and likes since it was posted Thursday morning at about 9 a.m.

Many commenters are reporting finding hundreds of dollars worth of uncashed checks in their own accounts upon learning of this online resource. Some users even claimed to have found thousands of dollars waiting for them stake their claim.

Remember to thank “Platinum Seat Ghosts” if you find extra cash in your own account.