Canadians STILL waiting to be evacuated from China

Canadians are still waiting to be flown out of China and back to Canada. Other countries have already evacuated their citizens from China.

As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout China, Canadians are still waiting to be flown out of the country and return to Canada.

The Canadian government has mentioned that they will be sending a plane to China in order to evacuate. It has recently been reported that there are more Canadians wanting to fly out of China than the one plane can hold. Trudeau has said they are still looking into sending a second plane.

Some people are not happy with the time it is taking for the Canadian government to evacuate Canadians as many countries have taken evacuation measures to return their citizens from the country already. The US and France have already each sent two plane loads home from the province.

CTV News has reported that about 325 Canadians await the flight in the province of Hubei. Canadians who are showing symptoms of the virus will not be able to board the flight. The death toll for the virus is now over 20,000 and there are approximately 425 deaths.

There are now over 25 countries and territories where the virus has been confirmed. Two coronavirus deaths have been confirmed outside of China.

According to Global Affairs Canada, the original plane is supposed to touch down in Trenton, Ontario at the Canadian Forces Base after the flight leaves China. It has been planned that the passengers stay at the base for two weeks and receive medical observation during that time. Health screenings will take place as Canadians leave Hubei as well as during the flight.