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International News

Switzerland moves to ban electric vehicle use to help prevent blackouts

Other bans may include concerts, theater performances, sporting events and even shutting down all leisure businesses.

Ari Hoffman / Dec 5, 2022

International News

Russia slams Ukrainian government as 'enemies of Christ' after raids on Orthodox churches

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev described Ukrainian leaders as "enemies of Christ and the Orthodox faith" and "satanists" for their treatment of members of the parishes.

Joshua Young / Dec 4, 2022

International News

Hundreds gather in Toronto in solidarity with China’s White Paper Revolutionaries

Hundreds of Torontonians gathered on Saturday night to stand in solidarity with the White Paper Revolutionaries in China who are pushing back against Xi Jinping's tyrannical zero-Covid policies.

Beth Baisch / Dec 4, 2022

International News

BREAKING: Iran abolishes Morality Police, considers changing hijab laws after months of protests

Iranian Prosecutor General Mohammad Javad Montazeri said the morality police were "was abolished by the same authorities who installed it."

Joshua Young / Dec 4, 2022

International News

BREAKING: Zelensky urges lawmakers to BAN Moscow-linked Ukrainian Orthodox Church

"It is necessary to create such conditions in which any figures dependent on the aggressor country will not be able to manipulate Ukrainians and weaken Ukraine from within," Zelensky said.

Hannah Nightingale / Dec 2, 2022

International News

CCP encourages Chinese tech companies to increase online censorship

Notices were sent to several large companies, including Tencent Holdings and ByteDance Ltd., who own apps like TikTok and Douyin.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / Dec 1, 2022

International News

BREAKING: CCP announces they will ease Covid restrictions in key cities amid White Paper Protests

Lifting of Covid restrictions has been called something of a surrender, that the CCP is "throwing in the white flag."

The Post Millennial / Dec 1, 2022

International News

Helena Bonham Carter defends JK Rowling, says she was 'hounded'

"It's horrendous, a load of bollocks," the award-winning actress said about the backlash that JK Rowling faced, as well as jumping to the defense of Johnny Depp, whom she says has been "completely vindicated."

Alex Timothy / Nov 30, 2022

International News

CCP uses police to track down White Paper Revolution protestors

Police have not made public how they were able to track down those who participated in the protests. It was not known how many people Chinese Communist officials intend to question.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / Nov 29, 2022

International News

WHITE PAPER REVOLUTION SPREADS: Anti-CCP protests break out worldwide as Chinese students demonstrate in key cities

Chinese students across the world have taken to the streets in a solidarity protest with the White Paper Revolution protestors opposing lockdowns, Xi Jinping, and the CCP in China.

Hannah Nightingale / Nov 29, 2022

International News

WHO renames monkeypox to 'mpox' to avoid racist connotations

"Following a series of consultations with global experts, WHO will begin using a new preferred term 'mpox' as a synonym for monkeypox," WHO said in a statement released Monday.

Alex Timothy / Nov 28, 2022

International News

WUMAO ARMY: Twitter flooded with Chinese porn bots to hide news of mass protests

Searches for the names of major Chinese cities have resulted in a massive spike in content for porn, escorts, and gambling, "drowning out legitimate search results," wrote Twitter user Air-Moving Device.

Hannah Nightingale / Nov 28, 2022

International News

BREAKING: BBC reporter Edward Lawrence arrested and dragged to the ground by CCP officers in Shanghai

The journalist can be seen being seized upon by officers and dragged to the ground. Lawrence has been reporting from Shanghai.

Libby Emmons / Nov 27, 2022

International News

BREAKING: Brave people of China protest tyrannical Covid lockdowns: 'Take down the CCP! Take down Xi Jinping!'

"The protests in Shanghai are taking place right down the street from the US Consulate. Not a single official or member of the Biden Admin has said a word about them."

Joshua Young / Nov 27, 2022

International News

CCP locks down largest iPhone factory for 'Covid restrictions' after mass protests

On Friday, six million people in Zhengzhou, China were forced under lockdown by the government, including the tens of thousands of workers at the country's largest iPhone plant.

Jarryd Jaeger / Nov 25, 2022

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