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HBO adds trigger warning to classic film 'Blazing Saddles'

The 1974 comedy classic "Blazing Saddles" is now streaming on HBO Max, but it comes with a brand new introduction.

James Anthony

BREAKING: Ian Miles Cheong suspended by Twitter for tweeting support for police intervention in riots

The Post Millennial contributing editor Ian Miles Cheong was suspended by Twitter Thursday evening for a tweet that supported law enforcement using force to handle rioters.

Libby Emmons

Trump administration secures full diplomatic ties between Israel and the United Arab Emirates

Trump has been instrumental in deescalating global conflicts on the Korean peninsula and the Middle East, and adds the beginning of these UAE/Israel ties to his diplomatic wins.

Joe Vaughan

John McAfee allegedly arrested for wearing thong in place of face mask

John McAfee was reportedly arrested for wearing a thong instead of a face mask in Norway.

Sam Edwards

WATCH: Woman choked by Victoria Police for not wearing a mask

A video has gone viral on social media that appears to show a masked Victoria police officer attempting to apprehend a young woman by choking her before dragging her to the ground.

Collin Jones

UK to possibly scrap daily coronavirus death toll following reports of 'over-exaggerating' count

The United Kingdom may do away with its official daily COVID-19 death toll counter following a review conducted by experts at Oxford University.

Sam Edwards

Policeman killed, many injured in Lebanon protests

Anti-government protests are intensifying throughout Lebanon today as a policeman was killed in a confrontation with angry protestors.

James Anthony

Ricky Gervais strikes a blow at cancel culture

Ricky Gervais lashed out at cancel culture for trying to get others fired and trying to ruin their lives just because they have an unpopular opinion on some current hot-button issue.

James Anthony

Antifa activist submits false 'terrorist' report to the FBI, preventing a conservative couple from starting a family in the US

By submitting a fake tip to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an Antifa activist allegedly blocked a British man from living with his wife in the United States, denying the start of their family for four years and counting.

Mia Cathell

Canadian dies while detained in US immigration detention centre with coronavirus outbreak

A Canadian has died after being held at a U.S. immigration detention centre for almost three months while it was facing a major coronavirus outbreak.

Sam Edwards

BREAKING: Air India Express flight from Dubai crashes leaving at least 15 dead

An Air India Express aircraft has crashed at Calicut’s Kozhikode International Airport.

Sam Edwards

Wild boar steals laptop from nudist, hilarity ensues

A German nudist learned a lesson the hard way when a wild boar ran up and stole a bag from him containing the laptop in question.

James Anthony

Twitter labels foreign news outlets as 'state-affiliated media' but not CBC

On Thursday, Twitter began labelling "state-affiliated media entities." However, Canada's state broadcaster, CBC, has not been labelled

Barrett Wilson

Canada to provide Lebanon with $5 million in humanitarian aid following deadly explosions

Canada is set to provide Lebanon with $5 million following the two explosions that took place in Beirut on Tuesday.

Sam Edwards

Man proposes to girlfriend with romantic candle display, burns down apartment

A man in England had grandiose plans to propose to his then girlfriend with candles and ends up completely burning down their apartment.

James Anthony