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YouTuber Jake Paul charged in connection with Scottsdale riot

Jake Paul, the famous YouTuber has been charged in connection with allegedly being involved in a looting during a riot in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Thousands defy ban in Hong Kong to attend Tiananmen vigil

Thousands of demonstrators have defied the ban in Hong Kong to attend a mass vigil in memory of Beijing’s 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown victims.

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WATCH: Graffiti cleaners harassed for cleaning anti-police, Black Lives Matter graffiti

As several young people gathered outside to scrub graffiti off a memorial, others also gathered around to criticize them for not allowing the vandalism to remain there for a single day.

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Sweden's top epidemiologist says country may have taken wrong approach to coronavirus

The top epidemiologist in Sweden believes the country’s strategy to fight coronavirus has resulted in too many casualties.

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UN Security Council fails to condemn China's actions against Hong Kong

China’s domestic legislation was raised by the US, but the conversation stopped when China and Russia objected to discussing the issue at the Security Council.

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Newly released documents show that China delayed release of coronavirus data to the WHO

New information shows that China deliberately held off on sharing their date regarding coronavirus with the World Health Organization.

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Facebook staff stages walkout to protest Zuckerberg

Facebook's HR department told managers not to punish the employees who choose to take the time off, or to file it as one of their paid days off either.

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Pro-democracy activist from Hong Kong asks for Canadian support

Hong Kong activist asks western nations to defend the city against China. "While we are here, we will fight," she said.

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WATCH: 'We are go for launch!' NASA and SpaceX head to space today

The range is currently clear for launch. The launch is scheduled for 3:22 pm today, and once propellant is loaded, the mission is underway with no turning back.

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Monkeys escape lab with tubes of coronavirus positive blood samples

Several monkeys escaped from a laboratory in India on Tuesday, and to make matters worse, they were carrying samples of COVID-19-tainted blood with them.

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BREAKING: Trump announces the US is leaving the World Health Organization

The US has officially left the World Health Organization.

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Justin Trudeau speaks out on anti-black racism in the US

Justin Trudeau took a moment at the end of his press conference to address the increasing number of protests taking place in the United States.

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Kayaker drowns after posting 'last call for help' on Facebook

An Australian kayaker's body washed up on shore after he went live on Facebook, showing how he had been pulled off the coast of New South Wales during a fishing trip.

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Chinese state media furious at Canada over Meng Wanzhou decision

The Chinese media has become enraged with Canada after the BC Supreme Court ruled that charges faced by Meng Wanzhou in the U.S. could also be a crime in Canada.

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WATCH: Trudeau hosts UN video conference for global coronavirus recovery plan

The United Nations is holding a conference on Thursday that will be hoping to develop an economic recovery plan for a post-pandemic world.

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