International News

18 hours ago

Biological male 'absolutely demolishes' female competitors to win women’s surfing competition

"To be the first transgender woman competing in surfing hasn’t been an easy ride emotionally but the amount of support I’ve been showed has been phenomenal..." said Lowerson.

Hannah Nightingale
19 hours ago

Biden welcomes Finland, Sweden, to join NATO as Poland vows to defend them against a Russian attack

President Biden reiterated his support for Sweden and Finland's applications to join NATO despite criticism from Turkey.

Jarryd Jaeger
3 days ago

Biden admin to ease sanctions on Venezuela to facilitate oil imports

According to sources close to the matter, this marks a turning point in Washington's pressure campaign on Caracas.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz
3 days ago

Girl bullied out of school for saying 'sex exists' gains support from JK Rowling

Teachers had initially expressed support for the student, but withdrew it after other students had accused her of transphobia.

Hannah Nightingale
4 days ago

BREAKING: Biden administration reverses Trump policy, sends troops to Somalia

An official said that the plan with this new deployment is to bring "the threat to a level that is tolerable."

Libby Emmons
6 days ago

BREAKING: Texas to donate razor wire to bolster Mexico's border security

This is the first time the countries' law enforcement officials have worked in tandem since the spike in Mexican immigration in summer 2021.

Leonardo Briceno
9 days ago

University of Cambridge students told classical music is an 'imperialist phenomenon'

Cambridge is not the only university to roll out such courses in its music department. Following the Black Lives Matter protests, many institutions sought to "decolonize" their curriculums for courses related to arts and culture.

Jarryd Jaeger
9 days ago

Undercover journalist infiltrating far-right group beaten by Antifa in ambush

The voice over stated that the journalist blamed the attack on "far-left antifascists."

Hannah Nightingale
10 days ago

Lufthansa investigates after more than 100 Orthodox Jews barred from German flight

German police pulled aside anyone who appeared visibly Jewish on the flight at the stopover in Frankfurt, even ones who were not part of the group that allegedly disregarded the masking rules.

Ari Hoffman
11 days ago

WATCH: Trudeau has trouble raising Canadian flag in Ukraine

Trudeau was accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly, and security detail.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz
13 days ago

Under Taliban order, Afghan women can only show their eyes

"We want our sisters to live with dignity and safety. Islamic principles and Islamic ideology are more important to us than anything else," said a Taliban representative.

James Anthony
14 days ago

BREAKING: Explosion in Havana, Cuba destroys hotel

It is not known how many people were injured or may have been killed at this time.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz
16 days ago

Iranian plot to assassinate US general in Berlin foiled by Israel’s Mossad

The Mossad had been operating in Iran at the time when they captured and interrogated Mansour Rasouli, who admitted during an interrogation that he had been ordered to assassinate a US general in Berlin, a journalist in France, and a worker at the Israeli consulate in Istanbul.

Jonah Hoffman
17 days ago

UK summer camp under fire for housing campers based on gender identity not biological sex

"Adults must never abdicate their responsibility to safeguard and put the decision onto children," responded Safer Schools Alliance UK.

Nick Monroe
18 days ago

Shanghai COVID cases finally falling after draconian CCP lockdown

For the first time since a recent draconian lockdown, new daily COVID cases in the city of Shanghai have dropped below 10,000 per day, according to authorities.

James Anthony