Tim Hortons now allowing workers to stay home without doctor's note

Tim Hortons will now allow employees to stay home if the feel sick without providing a doctor's note. The decision comes after a social media backlash.

Tim Horton's will finally heed the advice of public health officials and will now allow their employees to stay home if they are feeling sick. Crucially, they will not need a doctor's note.

The decision comes after a great deal of social media backlash after news had leaked that they had previously been requiring these doctor's notes. This action would have considerably tied up the local health care systems during a time when doctors should, presumably, be focusing on other more pressing matters.

This notice, posted to Tim Hortons twitter account, was released after employees were complaining that they had been forced to continue work if they were unable to provide a doctor's note.

One Twitter user wrote, "I don't need a “commitment to our guests” email from you. I wanna know what your commitment to your employees is during all this? No paid or unpaid sick leave without a doctors note is only serving to make your restaurants more unsafe to visit. #boycottTimHortons"

Another user posted, "Are you really allowing franchises to require that sick employees provide a doctors note if they take an unpaid sick day? That’s a surefire way to help spread Coved-19, burden the system unnecessarily and and lose customers in one fell swoop. #boycottTimHortons"

Tim Hortons will also comply with recommendations to close their dining areas and stick to just take out and delivery for the foreseeable future, effective Tuesday.