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UN Women doesn't think women can achieve in a man's world

Why does UN Women think that men need to change in order for women to fully realize themselves their own abilities, and their own contributions?

Libby Emmons / Oct 11, 2020

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Kids in remote learning are mute witnesses to their education and not active participants

Remote learning is not learning, it's just remote. When teachers don't like what's going on in the chat, or feel that kids are acting up, they can just mute them with the click of a button.

Libby Emmons / Oct 9, 2020

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Trump's refusal to virtually debate reminds us that virtual life is not real life

Trump is right on this: A virtual debate, just like everything we have done virtually, is a waste of time.

Nicole Russell / Oct 8, 2020

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Top medical journal changes the goals for the Trump administration's handling of COVID, then blames him for not meeting them

The NEJM has forgotten that the original intention was not eradicating the disease from public life, but giving Americans the best chance of living with it.

Libby Emmons / Oct 8, 2020

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Playwright cancelled for gender critical views

Probably Ms. Gage has no problem with trans people at all, and doesn't even remotely understand how any of her posts on her Facebook page could be misconstrued as even remotely hateful.

Libby Emmons / Oct 6, 2020

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How a Biden win could get America the conservative president it needs

For the good of the nation, the win should be a decisive one – absolutely uncontestable. That's wishful thinking for Trump, but it could well happen for Biden.

Barbara Kay / Oct 5, 2020

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Electronic Arts teams up with the ADL to enforce social justice in gaming

These organizations take ordinary behavior online, say its endemic examples of the far-right, and then advocate that they must gain control of video games to stop it.

Peter Pischke / Oct 4, 2020

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Free speech on college campuses suppressed across the English-speaking world

Multiple reports confirm that actually, conservatives' claims are legitimate. Free speech has been strangled on college campuses in Canada, America, and Britain.

Henry George / Oct 4, 2020

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Lockdown and COVID-19 restrictions should have been challenged by Conservatives

Had they got their act together faster, the Conservatives might have offered some rigorous opposition to the government, with the threat of a viable alternative.

Andrew Mahon / Oct 4, 2020

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How male violence becomes women's crime

This is the second time an adult male, with a history of violence against women, is being handled by female prison guards, and kept company by some of the most vulnerable women in Ireland.

Erin Perse / Oct 4, 2020

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Leftists have become the morality police they once despised

They feel that their perspective on what is right and wrong, good and bad, is so unfailingly correct that any divergence from that, or questioning of it, is itself a moral infraction.

Libby Emmons / Oct 2, 2020

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Biden's climate change plan is not green—it’s garbage

Climate change is an essential component of Joe Biden's presidential campaign platform, and at the debate he showcased his plan, sort of, revealing that he didn't actually know too much about it.

Libby Emmons / Oct 1, 2020

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Lost education for America's kids is a bigger 'health crisis' than COVID-19

Dean Mazzarella, the mayor of Leominster, Mass. "has declared a public health emergency in an effort to get children back into the classroom for in-person learning." And he's not wrong.

Nicole Russell / Sep 30, 2020

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Amy Coney Barrett disavowed by feminists for non-compliance

In the old terms, Barrett is the ultimate feminist but she doesn’t do what she’s told, and that’s what feminists really can’t stand.

Libby Emmons / Sep 29, 2020

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The war on critical race theory indoctrination is worth winning

This shining victory, whether brief or long term in its tenure, should be savoured to the full by Rufo and Peterson.

Barbara Kay / Sep 28, 2020

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