Google Stadia Founder’s Edition sells out everywhere

Don’t worry you can still buy one, delivery may just take awhile.

Google’s new streaming-based gaming console appears to be off to a solid start with the Stadia Founder’s Edition officially selling out everywhere.

According to Google Stadia’s Twitter account, the Founder’s Edition sales have now followed Europe’s pattern and ran out. Not to worry for those interested in purchasing a Stadia as a Premiere edition with fewer perks is now available for sale.

While increased sales are a good sign for Google and its parent company Alphabet, many buyers have found out that their orders will not arrive by launch date, instead they will be arriving later in November.

Outside of delivery lag, Stadia has also faced recent controversy for the rather high level of latency which can cause fairly large problems in high-intensity games such as shooters.

According to one PC Gamer article, “latency is clearly present. During an intense fight in Doom, moving and aiming and shooting with the mouse and keyboard just feels sluggish, especially compared to playing on a high-end PC.

“Playing the first level of Doom… I died… I never die on the first level these days when playing at home, at least on the default difficulty”

In response to latency, Google has said they will be investing in AI which will focus on predicting which buttons the player will press before they do, creating a situation of “negative latency.”