Justin Trudeau “Mr. Dress-up” colouring book for sale on Amazon

Thinking of a great Christmas gift? Why not a book detailing the PM’s love for costumes and face paint.
Ali Taghva Montreal, QC

The items available on Amazon get weirder every year.

You can now purchase a Justin Trudeau Mr. Dress-Up colouring book from the online platform, and join in the PM’s famous and sometimes disastrously controversial love for costumes.

The book includes some of Trudeau’s most known costume choices, including Aladdin in blackface.

Trudeau has notably worn blackface more times than he can remember, including at least three times where video or photos have leaked.

While the content of the book is designed for children colouring, most will likely buy it as a conversation piece to keep around the house.

Ali Taghva
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