New Brunswick reopening to foreign workers

New Brunswick’s ban on temporary foreign workers has been reversed nearly a month after it was announced.

New Brunswick's ban on temporary foreign workers has been reversed close to a month after it was announced, according to Global News.

The decision came from the all-party cabinet committee on coronavirus after public health officials suggested that the workers posed a low risk, says Premier Blaine Higgs.

"Now that we have consulted with experts including public health authorities we've determined that the risk to New Brunswickers is low as long as safety measures remain in place," Higgs noted.

On May 29, seasonal workers will be able to enter New Brunswick as they play a major role in the province's seafood and agriculture sectors.

A 14 day self-isolation will be required for temporary foreign workers upon arrival.

The decision follows pressure from seafood producers and the agricultural industry that has lasted for weeks. The industries said that they were not finding success in replacing foreign workers with local workers.

Higgs admitted that the plan to bring unemployed locals to businesses in need did not work as well as he thought it would.

"While we have made great strides with identifying individuals whether they were students or other individuals who have come forward, I think it’s in the 400 range, it is necessary to ensure that additional workers will be available," Higgs said.

Yesterday, many agricultural organizations noted that their seasons could likely be salvaged if the ban was reversed right away.