Ontario reports incidents of police officer impersonations

Reports of another police officer impersonation were filed after yet another driver was pulled over and questioned by someone who wasn't actually a police officer.

Reports of another police officer impersonation were filed after yet another driver was pulled over by someone who wasn't actually a police officer, according to CTV News.

On April 24, Oxford County Ontario Provincial Police received a report from a woman who said she was driving near Tavistock on Braemar Sideroad and Highway 59 when she was pulled over by someone who appeared to be a cop.

The suspect appeared to be wearing attire that resembled a police officer's uniform. Upon pulling her over, the fake cope asked about her "essential work status." After she provided the suspect with the information, the suspect left the scene.

The suspect was described to be driving a dark-coloured SUV that had a light bar which flashed blue and red lights.

An internal investigation was conducted to ensure that the suspect wasn't in fact an OPP officer and once it was completed, officials were able to release the information to the public.

A driver in Wellington County also reported a similar incident to police shortly after, also being pulled over and questioned about their "essential worker status." Once again, the suspect managed to get the information from the driver before fleeing the scene.

The vehicle this time was different, it was described as a black four-door sedan, either a Ford Taurus or Fusion. Similarly, it was equipped with a blue strobe light on the dashboard and also had a small antenna on the trunk.

The suspect was described as dressed in black, wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a ballistic vest with the word "POLICE" written on it in yellow lettering. He's said to be somewhere between 30 and 40 years old with brush cut of short dark hair.

Officials can't yet say whether or not the incidents are connected, although there is an ongoing investigation into that possibility.

In Southwestern Ontario, a string of incidents involving impersonations of police officers have been reported lately. Two incidents were reported in Seaforth and Windsor and one additional incident in Wellington County. OPP does not believe that they are connected.

OPP is now reminding Onatarians that they will not be pulled over for questions about their employment status, and that no one is required to prove whether or not they are essential workers. Police ask that anyone who encounters an incident like this to call 911 immediately.