How people are making Baby Yoda Christmas cookies

People are making their own Baby Yoda Christmas cookies with angel cookie cutters thanks to a baking trick shared by Twitter user J.R. McGrail.

The character dubbed Baby Yoda has recently been introduced to the world in the new Mandalorian series that premiered on Disney+ November 12.  Recently people have started making the character into cookies with a baking trick shared by Twitter user J.R. McGrail.

McGrail posted a tweet informing people that if you take off the head of your angel shaped cookie cutter you will end up with a Baby Yoda shaped cookie.

McGrail posted the tweet on December 12 and it has received a lot of attention so far with over 27,000 retweets and almost 150,000 likes.

Many people have responded on Twitter with their own version of the Baby Yoda cookies.

The origin story of the Star Wars character is still mysterious. He is not referred to as Yoda in the series but as “The Child.” The character is, of course, the same species as the original Yoda and is not actually a baby but is 50-years-old. That’s apparently still a pretty young age for the species with Yoda dying at about 900 years of age.

The Mandalorian found the baby on the desert planet Arvala-7 and he has taken over the internet ever since with memes and videos and now cookies.