Senators demand Trudeau place sanctions on China for human rights violations

Senators are calling on Trudeau to sanction Chinese officials due to restricted freedoms in Hong Kong, its treatment of Muslims and the arrests of Canadians.
Sam Edwards High Level, Alberta

Senators are calling on the Trudeau government to force sanctions on Chinese officials due to China’s restricted freedoms in Hong Kong, its treatment of Muslim minorities and the arrests of Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, according to Global News.

A law in Canada allows the government to target foreign officials’ personal finances if they are responsible for freezing assets in Canada’s control, violating human rights and forbidding institutions in Canada to participate in business with them.

The group of twelve senators said in a letter that China is “constantly and mercilessly perpetrating horrendous and utterly inhuman acts towards other groups.”

There is also pressure on the Liberal government to take a very different approach, as one senator wants the government to look into freeing Meng Wanzhou—the Chinese CFO of Huawei—from her extradition process.

The idea was rejected by Trudeau who said that her case is to continue without political interference, though the arrest of the Canadians in China is seen as a retaliation to Wanzhou’s situation.

Sam Edwards
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