The “climate crisis” is a cost of living crisis for Canadians

The rhetoric of many politicians is totally divorced from reality. We can strengthen our environment without taking money out of the pockets of our citizens

Recent surveys show an interesting dichotomy.

Canadians want more action taken to protect the environment, while also saying they either want to pay no extra costs, or a very small amount of extra costs for that action to be taken.

However, when we look closer, it’s not really a dichotomy at all.

What it shows is that the Canadian people are smart, and realize that the rhetoric of many politicians is totally divorced from reality.

One thing people can see clearly is that the same politicians who were advocating for higher taxes and more centralized government control years ago, are now advocating for exactly the same thing today.

The only difference is that now they’re advocating for it under the mask of ‘climate action.’

For example, do you really think that Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna were against higher taxes before?

Do you really think they didn’t want to take more money out your pockets?

Of course they did.

And now, they have the ‘perfect excuse’ for it.

It’s what they used to push the carbon tax, and it’s what they’ll use—if they get re-elected—to keep increasing the carbon tax over and over and over again.

But back to that dichotomy I mentioned earlier.

It seems that Canadians are waking up to the deceptive ‘climate action’ claims of many politicians.

Canadians know that our emissions are such a tiny fraction of the world percentage that anything we do here is overwhelmed in just a few weeks by whatever China is doing.

Canadians know that Canada already has among the best environmental protections in the world, far better than the other energy-producing countries.

And Canadians know that real improvement for our environment will come through technological innovation and human creativity, not punishing people for heating their homes, driving their cars, and living their lives.

Canada doesn’t need a carbon tax. We don’t need to restrict our energy industry. And we don’t need to make life more expensive, especially when we consider that Canadians are already struggling under a household debt burden that is among the highest on earth.

The Canadian people deserve better than a bunch of manipulative, deceitful politicians who try to twist our love for the environment into some sort of mandate for massive tax hikes and government control.

Canadians deserve leaders who recognize what the People have already figured out: We can strengthen our environment without taking money out of the pockets of our citizens.