The #MeToo movement is dying and #TimesUp is a sham

Libby Emmons Brooklyn, NY

The #MeToo movement was always political. We were told to believe all women, but that always only meant some women. And it was only if believing those women, and taking down those men that they accused, so often without evidence or even via anonymous accusations, achieved an intended political aim.

New allegations have surfaced that could dismay anyone who is still following the US presidential election and rooting for a Trump upset. Vice President Joe Biden is the current Democratic front-runner. While the left tries to gather around him and push him into the Oval Office, these fresh allegations from 26 years ago could spell an end to his presidential hopes.

Unless they don’t. Unless no one really cares. Unless no one really minds that Biden is an alleged predator from way back in the day, or that a woman said he was. If believing Biden’s accuser means taking on the Democratic front-runner, the guy upon whom all Democratic hopes of unseating President Donald Trump from his throne have been placed, believing all women as a concept has gone completely out the window.

Reports have surfaced from former Biden Senate staffer Tara Reade claiming that Biden attacked her in 1993. Turns out Joe Biden just may be the pervy predator he was thought to be by those who called him Creepy Uncle Joe and said it was weird how he kept smelling people’s hair.

Reade said that she didn’t bring it up before now because she was afraid for the last 26 years that there would be retaliation against her claims. She has since reported that Biden penetrated her digitally against her will, and in making this public, she enlisted the help of the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund.

The Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, part of the Women’s Law Center, endeavors to connect women who have been victimized by the patriarchy to attorneys who can represent them. They declined, however, to help Reade out, claiming that as a not-for-profit they couldn’t get involved due to the political nature of her case, and the Internal Revenue Service restrictions on not-for-profits making political statements.

“Time’s Up argued that the case was too political considering that Biden was a candidate for president,” wrote Tristan Justice in The Federalist, “and it didn’t want to jeopardize its status housed with the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) as a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the Internal Revenue Service, which allows the organization to be exempt from certain taxes.”

One wonders how connecting an abuse victim with an attorney constitutes political involvement, or making a political statement. They probably believe Reade and everything, they just don’t think they can do anything about it. A shame their hands are tied and they can’t make a giant case against such a hugely powerful individual such as Joe Biden. Serial predator Harvey Weinstein was one thing, but what serious damage could be done to the standing patriarchy by eliminating a top presidential contender. Then we’d all really know the chicks are getting serious.

Reade reached out to Kamala Harris’ office. This was a great bet, since Harris was a vocal proponent of Brett Kavanaugh’s condemnation as a sexual predator despite the lack of evidence. But Harris, who has endorsed Biden, has not reached back out. Probably she has super good reasons for not jumping on the bandwagon with Tara Reade. Maybe she needs more evidence or something.

As said of Harris by Brad Polumbo in the Washington Examiner, “If she does not immediately denounce [Biden] in light of this accusation, all her emotional condemnations of Kavanaugh were clearly simply the partisan theatrics of a deeply cynical, conniving politician willing to disregard due process for her political opponents, but not her allies.”

If the first-hand account posed by Tara Reade on Soundcloud, before God and everyone, aren’t enough to get the support of the whole Me Too and Time’s Up contingent, if it’s not enough to take down a man who has other allegations against him, or to even damage this man of power, this upholder of patriarchal privilege, then it’s over. That’s the only take away.

Me Too is dying. It was a political movement with political motivations, it was self-serving, designed to lift up some by knocking others down. It’s a classic power move, for sure, and kudos, I guess, to those who managed to use the elevation of victimhood as a status symbol to further their careers and ambitions, but it was for sure not altruistic.

Time’s Up is a meaningless sham if it can’t accommodate Tara Reade. Me Too is dying on its withering vine if Reade isn’t believed and held up as a brave victim of "patriarchal oppression." But you see, electing Biden will most likely by more important than believing Reade for the powerful Democrats and leftists who want to see Trump lose his office. Are we going to give the men who were anonymously accused, or against whom non evidentiary allegations were made, their jobs back? Restore their publishing contracts, resurrect their entertainment careers? Of course not. Life doesn't work that way. But let's give up the ghost, Me Too was all about a power struggle, and now we know it for sure.

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Libby Emmons
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