Trudeau puts globalization ahead of Canadians, making our nation vulnerable

"Justin Trudeau appears to be doubling down on the same unsustainable agenda of endless globalization."

The CCP coronavirus crisis has starkly revealed some of the huge drawbacks of globalization.

Because of something that started in China, and because of the lies of the Chinese Communist Party, the corruption of the World Health Organization, and the weakness of our own pandering leaders, thousands of Canadians are dead, tens of thousands are sickened, and our economy is in tatters.

Compounding this crisis is the fact that our supply chains are heavily dependent on China, the very same country that spread the virus. We have been forced to buy masks and other personal protective equipment from China, meaning China has profited from our suffering.

And much of what we paid for ended being trash, with millions of masks being unusable and putting people at further risk.

All the while, China has attempted to use their economic leverage over other nations to threaten them into blocking attempts to hold the CCP accountable for their actions. Countries like Australia—who gambled big time on a China-centric trade approach—have found that China will quickly turn against their trading partners to serve the political goals of the CCP.

Watching all of this, people around the world have turned against China.

Demands to reduce globalization, particularly by reducing reliance on foreign trade and bringing key supply chains back home have grown, while opinions of China have fallen to the lowest level ever recorded by public opinion polls.

Canada’s high immigration levels (which were already unpopular with polls showing a clear majority wanted to keep levels the same or lower) are now under even more scrutiny, as it would be hugely damaging to Canadian workers to bring in hundreds of thousands of new people while the job market is so wrecked.

Yet, amid all of this, Justin Trudeau appears to be doubling down on the same unsustainable agenda of endless globalization.

Trudeau continues to push more of your taxpayer dollars to the corrupted and discredited WHO, continues to pander to China, and despite the many billions of dollars already pushed out the door he has failed to promote measures to support Canadian companies in bringing back our supply chains.

In effect, Trudeau and the corporate/political class seem intent on doubling-down on the same kind of thinking that made Canada so vulnerable in the first place.

Instead, our nation needs to refocus our efforts on building up our domestic economy. It’s fine to export, and it’s fine to import non-essentials, but for things that are essential to our national security, which includes energy, medical equipment, metals, and high-level technology, we must be self-reliant.

The era of believing that dependence on hostile foreign nations is somehow acceptable has come to an end. Trudeau’s failure to realize this new paradigm will put Canada at even worse risk in a world that has already become much more dangerous.