Trump administration shows plan to import drugs from Canada

Americans may soon be using medication imported from Canada.
Ali Taghva Montreal, QC

Americans may soon be using medication imported from Canada.

The Trump administration has officially put forward its proposed regulations aimed at reducing the cost of medication, and it largely involves buying wholesale from Canada, at least in the beginning.

The plan aims to first allow American states to import brand name drugs from Canadian wholesalers, while a second part aims to expand the program to all countries, while also simplifying federal oversight at least partially.

While the American administration hopes to lower prices, many in the field, including Canada’s ambassador to the United States and the Canadian Pharmacists Association, view phase one as unlikely to affect realistic impact, largely due to Canada’s small drug market.

With a population 10 times that of Canada, the United States simply has far too much demand to push onto the Canadian market.

Thomson Reuters has also previously reported that Canada has privately told U.S. officials that it would not support any plan to buy Canadian prescription drugs that might raise costs or threaten the nation’s own supply.

Ali Taghva
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