Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido meets with Trudeau in Canada

The interim President of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, is visiting Canada today and plans to sit down with Prime Minister Trudeau.

The interim President of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, visited Canada today and sat down with Prime Minister Trudeau. He is touring internationally to gain support from other countries and take the upper hand over Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s current socialist party leader.

Guaido’s trip outside of Venezuela has not been permitted by the country’s Supreme Court, who sides with Maduro. As one of the countries supporting Guaido’s efforts to take power, Prime Minister Trudeau and senior cabinet ministers will be meeting with him today.

In a statement, Trudeau said, “I commend Interim President Guaido for the courage and leadership he has shown in his efforts to return democracy to Venezuela, and I offer Canada’s continued support.”

Guaido and Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister took questions in Ottawa at 11:30 a.m. ET.

Over 50 countries acknowledge Guaido as the interim President, considering Maduro’s reelection to be illegitimate. Guaido is head of congress for the South American nation.

Sanctions have been imposed against some of Maduro’s government officials by Canada who is one of five nations who believe Maduro should be handled by the International Criminal Court.

Maduro still has the majority of control throughout Venezuela regardless of the support that Guaido has received from other countries.

So far Guaido has been to Paris, London, Madrid and stopped at the Davos Economic Forum.