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WATCH: Dinesh D'Souza says there's no way Biden's AG can stop parents from standing up against school boards

Dinesh D'Souza slammed Biden's Attorney General Merrick Garland and his use of the FBI to investigate parents who stand up for their kids against woke school boards.

WATCH: Dinesh D'Souza says there's no way Biden's AG can stop parents from standing up against school boards
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Dinesh D'Souza slammed Biden's Attorney General Merrick Garland and his use of the FBI to investigate parents who stand up for their kids against woke school boards.

D'Souza mocked meetings between the Biden administrations and law enforcement to target the parents. "Let's see of these parents pose a danger to school board officials and teachers," D'Souza said sarcastically. "Are these parents intimidating or they're threatening them? Are they, are they 'domestic terrorists' of one kind or another?"

D'Souza continued, "The whole idea is preposterous. Even in the letter that was sent by the National School Board Association to the Biden administration saying, 'listen, we, we, we, we, teachers are really scared. We school board members are really scared. Uh, you need to mobilize and get law enforcement on this.'"

"The question becomes, what examples could they provide that be used that parents pose this massive threat? And when you look at the fine print, the footnotes, in fact, and you realize their examples are like downright stupid."

"In one case, an... entrepreneur, a guy named John Figgs was arrested. He was arrested after he yelled at his school board in Loudon County, Virginia. So he was arrested for yelling evidently."

"Then they say that there was a 'unruly crowd of parents in Spotsylvania Pennsylvania at a school board meeting.' Unruly crowd? What did the crowd actually do? How unruly was it? Was it just parents basically expressing their discontent? They're unruly. We need to make sure that we tamp them down."

"And then they talk about protestors who 'disrupted a school board in Poway Unified School District in California.' Again, disrupted how? Disruptive in the sense that they raised objections, they spoke out of turn and the school board had to adjourn. Is that what disruptive means or are they talking about physical disruption?"

"You can see that this is what the left does all the time is they conflate terms and they use incendiary language, which gives them the implication that the parents did X. Whereas in fact, it may well be that they did. Y."

"There's a woman named Asra Nomani in Fairfax county, Virginia... she's the leader of one of these parents' groups. The group is called Parents Defending Education. This is a very smart woman of Asian Indian, by the way. So we're not talking about a 'white supremacist.' This is a former Wall Street Journal reporter. This is somebody who taught at Georgetown. She's president of a strategy firm, and she's mobilizing parents around the country."

"Now she has an article in which she talks about the fact that... she taped a message for the National Association of School Boards. 'I'm what a domestic terrorist looks like.' Meaning I'm an ordinary parent. You want to come get me, come get me. And she goes, you owe parents and apology, we reject violence. She isn't in this article asked for no money. She says that the real goal of this is to get parents to back off to scare them, to get them, to watch what they say and don't show up. 'And maybe I shouldn't be so active and I want to have a normal life.'"

"Amani gives example of Stacy Langton, who was a parent in the Fairfax county school schools. And this woman stands up before the school board and she reads just examples of pedophilia of child porn, all this disgusting material, that's in the school library available to children as young as 12. And the school board is like 'screw, you are out of turn, you are out of time.'"

"The school board, doesn't say, 'Whoa. Wow. Thank you. Thank you for pointing this out to us. We had no idea. There's all this, this filth that we are promulgating through public education. We'll immediately look into it and stop it.' No, they see her, the whistleblower, if you will, as the problem. And what they don't like is all these parents then stand up and shout, 'shame, shame, shame.'"

"So this is the threat that the Biden administration is trying to shut down. In a sense, what Merrick Garland does, this is attorney general, this guy by the way, we're really happy he's not in the Supreme court, you fraud, but anyway, he's issued a declaration of war on American parents."

"Of course, this woman,Stacy Langton was not threatening anyone. But what you have here is parents are being pushed up against the wall...she talks about her own experience. She goes, 'I know that when I started speaking up, I started getting pushback from the schools. The school board president yelled at her, go back and sit down on your seat."

"There are now 160 of these parents groups around the country. They're a big threat to the teacher's unions that are a big threat to racial indoctrination, threat to trans indoctrination."

"And by the way, a little tidbit, Merritt Garland's daughter is married to a guy who does what? He's a consultant. He's a co-founder of a group called Panorama Education that provides, guess what? Critical race theory consulting services to the schools. So these guys, and this is the swamp, there's always money in it somewhere. So it's partly ideological and it's partly monetary. I mean, these people are kind of filthy. They're filthy from the top to the bottom. And it's, it's typically on more than one level."

"The really good news for me is that parents by and large are pretty tough. And they're very tough moms are when it comes to the kids, they become very protective. They become, you know, the lioness. And so, I don't even think that the threats of the US government, all this bombast, and that's mostly what it is, is going to deter parents from being active."

"And what I suggest is parents, you know what? There's no need to yell... don't just take on the school board, run for school board, displace these losers on the school board so you become the school board. That's kind of how the left took over education. They took over the seats in the departments. They took over the departmental chairs. They became the presidents of universities, and with effort, it's going to take a little bit of time, we need to do what they did. We need to take our institutions."

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