WATCH: ‘He’s no Mr. Nice Guy’, Trump reelection ad airs during World Series

A new reelection ad for Trump was released for the World Series game 7, even though the 2020 vote is over a year away.
Graeme Gordon Montreal, QC

A Trump reelection ad aired during the World Series game 7 on Wednesday night, promoting U.S. President Trump’s record in office the past three years.

“President Trump is changing Washington. Creating 6 million new jobs. 500,000 new manufacturing jobs. Cutting illegal immigration in half. Obliterating ISIS. They’re caliphate destroyed. They’re terrorist leader dead,” the narrator of the ad starts, referencing the latest raid on ISIS that killed its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Despite it being a little over a year before the U.S. 2020 general election, the election campaigning is in full force.

The premium ad buy for major sporting event means millions of Americans saw the ad on TV and social media. The Washington Post noted this is a more aggressive early reelection campaign blitz than previous incumbent administration’s have waged.

The ad then goes on to bash the Democrats for focusing on impeachment.

“But the Democrats would rather focus on impeachment and phoney investigations, ignoring the real investigations. But that’s not stopping Donald Trump. He’s no Mr. Nice Guy, but sometimes it takes a Donald Trump to change Washington.”

Graeme Gordon
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