WATCH: Horse plays dead whenever someone tries to go for a ride

Horse that doesn’t want people to mount him plays dead.

Korean horse Jingang learned a trick all on his own more commonly performed by dogs.

Any time someone tries to mount the stallion he acts like a weak pony and dramatically collapses as if he’s been struck to death by lightning. He even sticks his tongue out, eyes twitching, and puts his legs and hooves in awkward positions for added effect.

The stallion’s horsing around to avoid working got mixed reaction from people online.

“He’s lame! Shoot him!” said one Twitter user, suggesting he might be better use sent to the glue factory.

“He’s not lazy, he’s smart. Why carry such a heavy load when you can get away with it,” said another.

One of ranch workers trying to train him to let people on his back said it’s “cute but naughty”.