WATCH: ER protestor rails against “white faces, white lies, white sheets” says she’s “not proud to be Canadian”

Extinction Rebellion protestor: White is for “white faces.” Red is for “the bloodshed of the people you call redskins … I am NOT proud to be Canadian!”
Barrett Wilson Montreal, QC

A protestor at Saturday’s Extinction Rebellion blockade of the Toronto railway took to the microphone to explain the significance of the Canadian colours “white and red.” The woman claimed that the white stood for “the hands that stole this land … for every Prime Minister that came after the fact … white faces, white lies, white sheets.”

She continued: “The red is no better. Red for the bloodshed of the people you call redskins. Red for the bloodshed of slaves. Red for the bloodshed of young black boys targeted by the police. Red for the bloodshed of missing and murdered indigenous women. Red for the bloodshed brown people labelled as terrorists.

The only red and white I can wear is the white knuckles in my clenched fist held high in the air and the red in my angry face as I demand to see change. I am not proud to be a Canadian. I am not a Canadian.”

Extinction Rebellion gathered in downtown Toronto today to block the rails and prevent CP trains from running.

This is the latest in a series of actions taken by anti-pipeline protestors to express their anger over an early morning raid and a number of arrests at an anti-pipeline camp on Thursday.

GO Transit had to suspend service on the Barrie line as a result. The group claimed during the protest that they were blocking pipeline materials.

Barrett Wilson
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