We must resist the degradation of language being forced on us by gender identitarians

Until we unequivocally reclaim our language, and reality along with it, we will get precisely nowhere in the fight for reality over the institutionalization of a massive lie.

Jennifer Bilek New York NY

The implementation of new, gender ideology is happening swiftly in western societies, but perhaps nowhere is this push to remake culture and humanity more prevalent than in language itself. We are told that the premise for these changes to language are foundational, but they are insane. Until we unequivocally reclaim our language, and reality along with it, we will get precisely nowhere in the fight for reality over the institutionalization of a massive lie.

Women in western societies are currently forced to resist the presence of men in their safe spaces, bathrooms, prisons, and sports. Parents are fighting the institutionalization of programs in their children's schools that introduce "gender ideology." "Gender clinics" are also being protested, and all of this must be done.

But so too does the premise that men are women, that people can swap their sex, and that sex is a spectrum, need to be combatted and resisted, and the place where that needs to be done is in language. Right before our eyes, these lies are being solidified in language, by force, by policy, by the very institutions that previously claimed to uphold women's rights, and they're doing so under the guise of human rights.

How can anyone be safe if the boundary around their sex is ruptured? Life has boundaries. It is the way reality works. It is the way life works and the way sex works. No one is entitled to appropriate women’s sex as an identity or for their psychiatric treatment, but they are especially not entitled to appropriate “woman” for an identity and then change the meaning of the word so that those who are women don’t recognize themselves in the word’s definition.

Boundaries are the issue. Without them there is no safety. Language only works because of boundaries. Chairs are not tables. Cars are not speedboats, medicine is not dessert, and men are not women.

Society, laws, government, language and children's healthy bodies and minds are all under assault for people who refuse to accept the boundaries of life's limitations. Whether these people are corporatists with an eye on profiting off human sex reduced to parts, people with delusions, men with fetishes, or young people indoctrinated with propaganda that tells them they can change sex and that they will be liberated by tying themselves to the techno-medical complex for life, those of us that understand that life has boundaries must rise and take responsibility.

This responsibility means divesting ourselves of the language that is being forced on us. "Transgender" and "gender identity" are expressions dropped into American mainstream culture less than a decade ago, and into other countries languages and discourse in quick succession. Though the global LGB NGOs added the T for "transgender" during the period of 2000-2005, 2014 was the year we started to see a blitzkrieg promoting the term, in all media, cultural venues, our institutions and Hollywood. Since then, it is often alternated with "gender identity."

The language shift has happened so fast, that those of us resisting the institutionalization of the ideology, have been forced into using the language of the ideology we are fighting, in some cases as a direct result of changes to law. This has pigeon-holed our ability to expose the lies nestled in the narrative and in the ideology itself. Every time we speak, we wind up supporting a narrative which we know to be false. We use the terms "transgender" & "gender identity" in schools, at jobs, in the media and in the law, as if they had solid meanings. They do not.

"Transgender" and "gender identity" can't mean anything because they are used to define too many things and experiences, much of it completely illogical. They encompass the fetishes of adult men, intense body dysphoria focused on genitalia, adopting drag performances, teenage social contagion, homophobia positioned under a human rights banner for people who are same-sex attracted, the buttressing of sex role stereotypes on one hand, and the attempted deconstruction of sex role stereotypes on the other.

They involve creative expression for some young people, serious medical and mental health conditions for many others, disorders of sexual development, and for others still, they entail life-long drugs, and the amputation of healthy sex organs. "Transgender" and "gender identity" are like a mass hallucination of identities cobbled together, sexual orientations, fetishes and adolescent discontent.

This ideology and its language are pure obscurantism. To understand what they obscure we must look at what they are manifesting in the cultures where they have been institutionalized. Young adults are having their healthy sex organs removed and are being sterilized. Children are being carted off to sex-role control centers proliferating around the world. Women as wholly sexed beings, and separate from men, are being linguistically deconstructed, and legally erased.

Laws protecting women's sexed reality are being overridden with words that don't have solid borders, but manage to decimate the boundaries of others while screaming human rights. The ideology represented by these new words, dismantle our human sex as a meaningful category. Sex, where we are rooted as a species, is being replaced in law by the amorphous term, "gender identity," while "transgender" and "transgenderism" are being used as if they represent a material reality.

Canadian cultural icon Jordan Peterson understood that contrary to activist's claims, these grammatical changes were not developing organically but were being forced into western cultures with a demand they be used. This was his point in resisting the use of new pronouns being engineered. He was right to resist, and had it right when he suggested that organic language developments don't need to be forced, that people pick up language that serves as a tool for clarity of communication, with ease.

American journalist Stella Morabito also wrote eloquently about the chaos being sown by these new language dictates, and named the dangers of totalitarianism sequestered in the human rights narrative of this agenda.

Though material realists resist the insanity of sex not being real, many argue that compromises should be made to support "transgender" people. That some of us do so, speaks to how strategically brilliant the corporate propaganda to undermine sex for profit, has been. There are no "transgender" people because there are only two sexes, though there are people who identify that way and prefer to live as the opposite sex. It is a newly minted term driven by billionaire philanthropists and corporate profiteering to dismantle sexual dimorphism, at least legally, and to open markets in sexual identity.

We can't continue to argue against manipulations in language and their forced institutionalization, for the safe-space boundaries of women, against the medicalization of healthy children's bodies and the attack on their sex, while offering up compromises. "Third sex" spaces or age limits for the attack on children's sex are unreasonable requests for society to accept, so that people who cannot accept life's boundaries can be comfortable. It is also a losing strategy in a political war being waged against reality.

What happens if we allow for the continued boundary degradation of sexual dimorphism in language, in law, and on children's and young adults bodies? It's been less than a decade since sexual dimorphism has been blatantly under assault, in mainstream media, for all to see—longer within the political apparatus of the LGBT NGOs and the medical industrial complex. Where will we be in another decade?


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