WATCH: Aaron Gunn's video critical of Trudeau's handling of pandemic

Aaron Gunn is an independent advocate for Canadian taxpayers who has put together a short video criticizing the mainstream narrative about the pandemic.

Canadian independent advocate Aaron Gunn has put together a short video criticizing the mainstream narrative that the Trudeau government has done a good job of handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gunn previously worked for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation before founding the Generation Screwed initiative, which aims to fight back against government spending so that future generations don't have to bear the burden.

The Truth Behind the Canadian Government's Response to COVID-19

I’m sick and tired of this torqued media narrative that Canada’s federal government has done a good, or even half-decent, job of handling the COVID-19 crisis. It hasn’t. 6,000+ Canadians are dead – a number that is higher (per capita) than most comparable countries. The government is also spending money at unprecedented (and unsustainable) levels, with only questionable results. We can (and should of) done better. Here’s everything you need to know👉

Posted by Aaron Gunn on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

In the video he discusses some the government's blunders while handling the pandemic such as the late border closure, claiming that 90 percent of the early cases were tied to international travel. Gunn also cites Germany having 40 percent fewer deaths per capita despite being a much closer proximity to Italy, the epicentre of the European outbreak. He also cites Austria, which has 57 percent less deaths per capita and in Australia and New Zealand that number is 98 percent.

He claims that Canada has 13 times the amount of COVID-19 deaths than Australia, New Zealand and South Korea combined.

Gunn expresses his worries about the drastic spending with the CERB deal that has got to the point of encouraging Canadians not to return to work because they would make more money at home. Trudeau's spending prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 is also a concern for Gunn, who said that we could have had an additional $80 billion to help us navigate the current crisis better had it not been for the reckless spending over the past five years.