American life expectancy dropping dramatically

A study has revealed that life expectancy in America is declining dramatically after decades of progress.

A study has revealed that the life expectancy in America is declining quickly after decades of progress. This decline largely derives from drug abuse, suicide, hypertension, particularly amongst men aged 25 to 64.

As a result of this, the U.S.A’s life expectancy has fallen dramatically behind other wealthy western countries. This is especially so with the 25 to 64 age bracket, whose decline is almost non-existent outside of America.

The study cited analyzed more than five decades of American medical data. This study revealed that America’s life expectancy grew between 1959 to 2014 and then began to decrease—coinciding almost exactly with the beginning of the opioid epidemic.

The Ohio Valley suffered most significantly, acting like a scar on the statistical map of the United States. This particular region has been devastated by the collapse of the manufacturing industry, and 33 percent of the “excess deaths” have come from these states.