Andrew Scheer SLAMS Trudeau health minister for defending China

Scheer has criticized the Chinese regime, saying there is no reason to trust China after Trudeau's health minister defended the authoritarian state.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has criticized the Chinese regime in a press conference today, saying there is no reason to trust China after Trudeau's health minister Patty Hajdu defended the authoritarian state.

When a reporter asked Scheer for a response to minister Hajdu's comments, he said that "any government that operates in an autocratic fashion, a communist government that denies basic human rights to its own people, that stifles dissent and squashes the free press, should be distrusted."

"It's puzzling to me why a Canadian minister would vouch for a government of a country that operates in that fashion. Its extremely troubling."

"Our security partners around the world have flagged problems with the information that is coming out of the government of China. I don't know why this current government always feels the need to defend the actions of the communist government of China but it is very concerning," he added.

Earlier this week, Scheer was open about his distrust of the Chinese regime, saying that he expresses skepticism over any data or statement coming from the country.

Minister Hajdu, on the other hand, defended China's data, saying that any mistrust over China's handling of the coronavirus outbreak was a "conspiracy theory."