Australian youth are having way less sex than their parents

Young people are not having sex nearly as often as their parents in Australia. Pornography and social media are major factors.

Young people are not having sex near as often as the older generation. Experts are saying that this is due to the impact of pornography, social media and dating apps.

The survey found that about 40 percent of 18 to 24 year olds have never had sex. It also finds that 15 percent of this demographic have sex monthly compared to 30 percent of people aged 40 to 49. The survey was drawn from 50,000 people.

According to Australian sexologist, Jacqueline Hellyer, teenagers are replacing real world interaction with online contact possibly causing them to lose their ability to communicate in person.

Hellyer told the Daily Telegraph, “Communicating with potential dates via text means young adults are missing out on tone, body language and human contact that comes with meeting in real life.”

Susan Tuckwell is a sex therapist out of Sydney. She noted that certain people “can only be aroused by pornographic images” and some are struggling to move from digital relationships to real ones.

Tuckwell noted, “They are sitting on their devices getting a little bit titillated but for some reason when it comes to making direct human contact it’s too anxiety-producing.”

Hellyer added that dating apps provide so many options that they create choice paralysis.

Another reason experts give for the lack of sex in the younger generation is the fear of how they look while naked.

They added that pornography creates the idea that the act of sex should only occur between “beautiful” people. This idea encourages things such as cosmetic surgery.

“The ideal woman is meant to look like a breastfeeding mum up from the waist up and a prepubescent child from the waist down,” said Hellyer.

Tuckwell said that some women’s main concern is getting themselves into a position that looks nice instead of focusing on the act itself.