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Ashley Donde

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News, American News

Shallow American feminism ignores human suffering

The authoritarian rulers of fourth-wave feminism have created a nonsensical version of feminism that frustratingly turns women into caricatures, while ignoring the plight of oppressed women worldwide.

Ashley Donde / Apr 11, 2019


Terry Crews and the case for fathers

Crews learned to practice the art of admitting his shortcomings. He dedicated himself to being a good father, husband, and man.

Ashley Donde / Apr 3, 2019


Five ways to use social media to open your political mind

There is a way to climb out of the social media sludge, and into the clean air of reason without having to give up Twitter or Facebook entirely. Not only that, I believe social media can actually help you open up your political perspectives—if you use it wisely.

Ashley Donde / Apr 1, 2019

Canadian News, News

We aren't having the right conversation about Liam Neeson

Forty years ago, Neeson was so overcome with an animalistic rage—triggered by the horrifying rape of a loved one—that he had irrational thoughts. He regretted those thoughts, and sought counsel afterward.

Ashley Donde / Feb 6, 2019

Opinion, Culture

The new Rome: how vigilante internet justice destroys lives

We carry out the punishments ourselves in the form of tweets, and emails, and podcasts, and news stories, and every manner of hate-filled speech until we are drunk on our own moral superiority.

Ashley Donde / Jan 25, 2019


NBC weatherman gets shamed, mobbed, and fired

When it comes to real life, it seems both corporate and popular culture are too scared to offer an ounce of grace.

Ashley Donde / Jan 9, 2019

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