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Blaire White

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Opinion, Culture, News Analysis

Chris Chan admits to raping mother, set to be placed in women's prison

Flash forward to 2021: Chris was recently arrested for admitting on tape to raping his 80 year-old mother who has dementia. Chan was filed as a female by the police.

Blaire White / Aug 3, 2021

Opinion, Culture

Demi Lovato is working with trans activist who called little girls 'kinky'

Old posts have resurfaced that allegedly show famous trans activist Alok Vaid-Menon referring to little girls as “kinky” as well as seemingly excusing sexual assault against them.

Blaire White / Jul 14, 2021

Opinion, News Analysis

Corporations change their logos to rainbows for Pride Month, but not in areas where LGBT is forbidden

These rainbow logos are nowhere to be found on their Middle Eastern or African accounts.

Blaire White / Jun 3, 2021

News, American News

EXCLUSIVE: Detransitioned woman who appeared on 60 Minutes speaks out after backlash from trans activists

60 Minutes on CBS is being inundated with backlash for daring to highlight the stories of young detransitioned people.

Blaire White / May 26, 2021

Opinion, News Analysis

60 Minutes detransition story sparks major backlash from trans activists

Trans activists online are outraged at a recent 60 Minutes segment that dove into the world of “detransitioners.”

Blaire White / May 24, 2021

Opinion, American News, Culture

Caitlyn Jenner’s run for Governor reveals the worst about both political parties

Jenner is perhaps the most famous transgender woman on the planet and she happens to be a lifelong Republican.

Blaire White / May 3, 2021

Opinion, Culture

James Charles admits to sexting teenagers, young fans still defending him

In a timeline that includes numerous teenage boys coming forward to make accusations of sexual harassment and “sexting” from James Charles, the beauty vlogger has taken responsibility and admitted to inappropriate engagement on multiple incidents.

Blaire White / Apr 7, 2021

Opinion, Culture

Reddit is trying to hide that they hired pedophile ‘enabler’ trans activist

After sitting on nearly a week of intense backlash from Reddit users over a controversial hire, the website has finally announced their firing of admin Aimee Challenor.

Blaire White / Mar 27, 2021

Opinion, Culture

Milo Yiannopoulos comes out as ex-gay, is opening conversion therapy center

Milo Yiannopoulos has found a way to grab headlines once again. He has officially come out as “ex-gay” and says he has plans to open a conversion therapy center in Florida.

Blaire White / Mar 19, 2021

Opinion, Culture, #noads

Straight people who don’t date trans people are now calling themselves ‘Super Straight’

Millions of supporters joined in to identify as Super Straight. A flag was created and lines were drawn as many others quickly trashed the trend as transphobic and bigoted.

Blaire White / Mar 8, 2021


Marilyn Manson predator accusations: monster or falsely accused?

Marilyn Manson is facing massive career fallout after multiple women have come forward accusing him of sexual misconduct and rape.

Blaire White / Feb 25, 2021

Canadian News, Opinion

Why are there no consequences for Jessica Yaniv?

Jessica Yaniv has returned to the headlines facing new allegations of sexually harassing multiple firefighters.

Blaire White / Feb 15, 2021

Opinion, Culture

The trans community needs to shake off its science-denying reputation

Of course biological sex exists. I wouldn’t have felt the need to transition if I was not born a biological male who experienced gender dysphoria.

Blaire White / Feb 7, 2021

Opinion, News, Culture

New Onision documentary on Discovery+ uses alleged victims’ stories against their will

Discovery’s new streaming service, Discovery+ recently released a docuseries on the YouTuber Onision, who has risen to infamy in recent years over allegations of sexual misconduct and grooming of young girls.

Blaire White / Jan 14, 2021

Opinion, American News, Culture

Cosmopolitan calls obesity 'healthy' during a pandemic

Cosmopolitan magazine, who routinely features fat positivity stories and covers, is facing backlash on Twitter for the release of images that some find inappropriate in the midst of a pandemic.

Blaire White / Jan 5, 2021

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