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Garnett Genuis

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'Stakeholder Capitalism' opens the door to political discrimination

While events in Ottawa were a natural immediate trigger of conversation about political discrimination, my bill seeks to respond to a series of concerns that are broader and longer standing.

Garnett Genuis / Mar 28, 2022

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Conservatives stand up for the conscience rights of all Canadians

The Conservative plan seeks to protect conscience rights while encouraging the greater participation of faith-based not-for-profits in end-of-life care who will no longer have to worry about being compelled to participate in euthanasia.

Garnett Genuis / Oct 3, 2021

Opinion, News Analysis

GENUIS: Erin O'Toole is creating a clearer sense of what it means to be conservative

O'Toole is seeking to create a clearer sense in the public’s mind of what the Conservative Party of Canada means by “conservative”.

Garnett Genuis / Nov 27, 2020

Opinion, Discourse, #badge-discourse

Racial minorities targeted in ad for population control

Whether in Canada or in the global south, we should have no part in policies, programs, or organizations which seek intentionally to push non-white women to have fewer children.

Garnett Genuis / Sep 28, 2020

Opinion, Politics & Policy

Safeguards are needed for those seeking Medical Assistance in Dying

Amendments to Medical Assistance in Dying laws would remove safeguards that protect patients from ending life without thoroughly contemplated consent.

Garnett Genuis / Mar 7, 2020


On Taiwan’s exclusion from the World Health Organization

China needs to stop playing politics and allow Taiwan to be part of the World Health Organization so there is a safer coordinated international response.

Garnett Genuis / Jan 31, 2020


Canadian Conservatives need a rethink on criminal justice policy

The Conservative Party of Canada should rethink its approach to the criminal justice system during the leadership race.

Garnett Genuis / Jan 5, 2020


Freedom of conscience needs to be protected in Canada

The Alberta government is looking to protect a doctor’s right to do their job without going against their conscience.

Garnett Genuis / Nov 18, 2019

Opinion, Politics & Policy

Canada’s democracy needs more clash

Good debates need “clash”, something Canada’s Parliament is sorely lacking these days.

Garnett Genuis / Nov 11, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Marriage advice is easy to give if you don’t have the experience

I find the story of Joshua Harris intriguing. In 1997 a young man in his early 20s wrote a popular book on dating called “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”.

Garnett Genuis / Sep 6, 2019

Opinion, Politics & Policy

Canada is at a crossroads when it comes to China

We are at a crossroad in how we think about our relationship with China. Many elites and self-identified “experts” on China have failed to predict recent developments. Yet, many of the same people continue to advise a course that has failed to deliver results in the past.

Garnett Genuis / Aug 13, 2019


Cross-cultural outreach is important for Conservatives

Liberals are often that caricature of “curry in a hurry” —showing up at the event to eat the food and take the photo, but failing to act on the concerns that they hear.

Garnett Genuis / Jul 9, 2019


Liberals need to respect diversity of opinion on abortion

Clearly pro-lifers and pro-choicers are both welcome in the Conservative Party. And, they have more in common than you might think.

Garnett Genuis / Jun 6, 2019

Opinion, Politics & Policy

GENUIS: Beware the new McCarthyism of the progressive left

The left should be challenged for its increasingly McCarthyist approach, but conservative parties have to be sensitive to this as well. We should be wary of indulging the McCarthyist instincts of the left every time we face an accusation.

Garnett Genuis / May 9, 2019

Opinion, Politics & Policy

GENUIS: What we must do in the wake of the New Zealand terror attack

After the New Zealand attack, it is clear that more must be done to effectively combat bigotry, to fight terrorism, and to facilitate greater dialogue.

Garnett Genuis / Mar 28, 2019

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