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Matthew Grainger

Narrator and writer for TPMs Canada Explained Series on Youtube.


WATCH: Why is Toronto suing a man for helping the homeless?

A Toronto man's ingenious project to help those struggling with homelessness ended with him being sued by the city of Toronto.

Matthew Grainger / Mar 3, 2021

Politics & Policy

WATCH: Is Trudeau being bullied by Biden?

It may appear that Trudeau and Biden have a newfound 'bromance,' but that doesn't mean cross-border tensions will evaporate overnight.

Matthew Grainger / Feb 24, 2021

Opinion, News Analysis

WATCH: Should Canada Boycott China’s Olympic Games?

Calls to boycott or relocate the Beijing 2022 games are growing in number and strength.

Matthew Grainger / Feb 10, 2021

Opinion, News Analysis

WATCH: Should Trudeau be held responsible for the Payette Scandal?

The news of Julie Payette’s resignation shocked many Canadians; but if reports are to be believed, her premature exit as governor general had been a long time coming.

Matthew Grainger / Jan 27, 2021

Politics & Policy

WATCH: Does a Biden presidency spell the death of Keystone XL?

One of his first acts as president will end the 11-year construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which planned to stretch from Alberta’s oil fields to Steele City, Nebraska.

Matthew Grainger / Jan 20, 2021

Opinion, News Analysis

WATCH: The worst political scandals in Canadian history

Canada is not as corruption-free as we might like to believe.

Matthew Grainger / Dec 30, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

Erin O'Toole’s first 100 days as Conservative leader, success or failure?

Has O'Toole's success in the CPC leadership race translated to popularity among the broader Canadian electorate?

Matthew Grainger / Dec 16, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

WATCH: How Trudeau shut down the WE scandal investigation

With a 'controversy' of this magnitude, Trudeau was forced to use every tool in his arsenal to weasel his way out of a career-ending scandal.

Matthew Grainger / Dec 9, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

WATCH: Justin Trudeau was pranked by a fake Greta Thunberg

Looking past the laughs, the success of these pranks raises real questions about the influence that media figures can have on our top politicians.

Matthew Grainger / Dec 2, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

WATCH: Why Alex Trebek was so beloved

After 36 years of hosting Jeopardy, and a nearly two-year battle with cancer the world learned that one of our most beloved television personalities had passed away.

Matthew Grainger / Nov 18, 2020


Why Canadians wear poppies and why Americans don't

Americans and Newfoundlanders have never used the poppy to the same degree as most Canadians. And for good reason.

Matthew Grainger / Nov 11, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

How would a Biden presidency affect Canada?

For Canadians, a Biden presidency would have immediate implications.

Matthew Grainger / Nov 4, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

WATCH: CANZUK's incredible momentum could make it a reality faster than anyone thought

In recent months, popular support for a CANZUK agreement has swelled and is beginning to catch the attention of the world leaders who could soon make it a reality.

Matthew Grainger / Oct 28, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

Trump derangement is so out of control that the media now mocks Trump's COVID results

Schadenfreude at Trump's expense is nothing new, but this may be its most sinister incarnation to date.

Matthew Grainger / Oct 7, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

Four Trudeau scandals he’s glad you forgot

The fact that these scandals are 'lesser-known' doesn't mean they're inconsequential; it's a testament to the extent of Trudeau’s gaffe-ridden tenure.

Matthew Grainger / Oct 6, 2020

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