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J.E. Oakley

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Opinion, News, Culture

Cadbury’s attempts to solve racism by releasing “diversity chocolate bar”

Clearly, all of these ideas are ridiculous. But are they any more ridiculous than diversity-promoting chocolate bars?

J.E. Oakley / Sep 2, 2019

Canadian News

Trudeau Senate nominee has deep ties to Montreal

Loffreda is a prominent member of Montreal’s Italian community where he is renown for his philanthropy.

J.E. Oakley / Jul 26, 2019

Politics & Policy

Why are Italians so poorly represented in Trudeau’s government?

hough Trudeau pledged to be forward thinking in his cabinet selections, going so far as to ensure that the cabinet was gender-balanced, one notable group of people were missing, from an immigrant group that has been in Canada for over 150 years; Italians.

J.E. Oakley / May 27, 2019


The lactose intolerance of the anti-Brexit left

There will be some pro-milkshake remainers, and glib liberal journalists waking up today and asking “does this mean we’re the baddies?”

J.E. Oakley / May 23, 2019


The James Charles scandal is an appalling monetization of the #MeToo movement

Make no mistake, this is all about monetization. In this case it was an appalling monetization of the #MeToo movement. The winners of this whole debacle? The influencers and the products they peddle. The losers? Due process and civil society.

J.E. Oakley / May 20, 2019

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