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Madeline Martin

Madeline Martin is a journalist and researcher.

News Analysis

Washington Post takes aim at 'Star-Spangled Banner' writer Francis Scott Key after namesake Baltimore bridge collapse

Because of his mixed record on racial issues, monuments to Key have been defaced, and critics have called for institutions named after him to be renamed.

Madeline Martin / Mar 30, 2024

American News

American voters do not support forcing Israel into 'peace deal' with Palestinian Authority due to close ties with Hamas: Gideon300/RMG Research poll

The PA would structure a "unity government" which would allow Hamas to continue their psychopathic deadset on total destruction of Israel, no holds barred.

Madeline Martin / Mar 29, 2024

American News

Expose of leading trans health group WPATH reveals child sex change surgeries, drugs are undertaken despite risks of cancer, regret, life-altering complications

Mia Hughes and Michael Shellenberger published The WPATH Files: Pseudoscientific Surgical and Hormonal Experiments on Children, Adolescents and Vulnerable People.

Madeline Martin / Mar 5, 2024

American News

Alabama Supreme Court rules that frozen embryos are protected in sanctity of life case

The decision comes after multiple horrified parents struggling with infertility reported their embryos were killed in a fertility clinic.

Madeline Martin / Feb 20, 2024

American News

Medical journal retracts studies on safety of abortion-causing drugs ahead of Supreme Court arguments

The Supreme Court is slated to hear arguments against the safety of the chemical abortion drug mifepristone.

Madeline Martin / Feb 19, 2024


Robin DiAngelo claims Sistine Chapel is peak 'white supremacy'—can't identify Adam in the painting

"Y'know where God is in a cloud and there's all these angels and He's reaching out and He's touching—I dunno who that is—David or something?" 

Madeline Martin / Feb 9, 2024

American News

The brink of extradition: Julian Assange set to take a final swing at an appeal to block removal to US for trial

"It is time for the US government to end its prosecution of Julian Assange for publishing secrets. Publishing is not a crime."

Madeline Martin / Jan 1, 2024

American News

Tupac Shakur murder suspect allegedly gave green light for murder of witnesses to keep them from testifying

The DA claims a list of names of well known gang members and witnesses cooperating with the prosecution was smuggled to the man accused in the 1996 murder of iconic rapper Tupac Shakur.

Madeline Martin / Dec 31, 2023

Wisconsin university chancellor who was fired after making porn with his wife vows to continue OnlyFans channel

“What we do on our own time and with our own money, we should be able to do when it's not hurting anyone," said Carmen Wilson, the former chancellor's wife and co-star

Madeline Martin / Dec 31, 2023

American News

Ayanna Pressley encourages people to celebrate abortion for Christmas

"Support your local abortion fund this holiday season" posted the squad member.

Madeline Martin / Dec 25, 2023

American News

Swing state conservative reps move to block Biden from 2024 primary ballots

“Colorado radicals just changed the game and we are not going to sit quietly while they destroy our Republic,” said Republican lawmakers Friday after unprecedented ruling to ban former President Trump from ballots

Madeline Martin / Dec 25, 2023

Canadian News

Canadian nurse forced to testify under cross examination that women don’t have penises

"Women do not have penises. And again, I think that rape shelters should be segregated on the basis of sex."

Madeline Martin / Nov 8, 2023

Canadian News

BC nurse Amy Hamm testifies to keep her nursing license after anonymous complaints of 'transphobia'

Hamm had never even met— let alone treated— either of the people who brought the complaints.

Madeline Martin / Nov 5, 2023

News Analysis

Moms for Liberty launches 'Teach Kids to Read Week' as counter to leftist 'Banned Book Week' which features porn and gender ideology

America's children are experiencing a 33 out of 100 reading proficiency rate.

Madeline Martin / Oct 4, 2023

News Analysis

EXCLUSIVE: Veterans Administration training videos instruct health providers to promote abortion as safest 'option' for pregnant veterans

The videos claim childbirth puts a mother's life in great danger, while abortion protects it.

Madeline Martin / Sep 19, 2023

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