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Nicole Russell

Nicole Russells work has appeared in the The Atlantic The New York Times National Review Politico The Washington Times The American Spectator The Federalist and Parents Magazine.

Opinion, American News

The McCloskeys' rights were violated when home searched, weapons seized

Despite the seizure, the McCloskeys' right to keep and bear arms and defend their home is protected under both state law and the Constitution. Authorities had no legal right to seize their firearms.

Nicole Russell / Jul 14, 2020

Opinion, Culture

University indoctrination factories may finally be on the chopping block

Harvard announced that though they would only be facilitating school virtually, their tuition would remain the same hefty price. Other schools are sure to follow.

Nicole Russell / Jul 7, 2020

Opinion, Culture

To work at Twitter you have to subscribe to gender ideology

This debate over pronouns, demonstrated by the Twitter job application, is often dismissed among progressives as just semantics. It isn't.

Nicole Russell / Jul 4, 2020


1619 Project founder opposes school choice because she wants kids to be indoctrinated into critical race theory

The best avenue toward a better world is not adopting a specific, pessimistic, political party perspective, but satisfying a child’s natural quench for knowledge through rigorous education.

Nicole Russell / Jul 3, 2020

Opinion, American News, Culture

Conservatives need to guard American history—no one else will

Trump announced that he has called upon the National Guard to provide unarmed security for national monuments in DC. They should be armed.

Nicole Russell / Jun 25, 2020

Opinion, Culture

If only funerals were protests no one would have to grieve alone

Most of us were fine with locking down our children and any shred of mental health we had left. That is, until the protests started and they were praised by political officials.

Nicole Russell / Jun 19, 2020

Canadian News, Opinion

Anti-spanking legislation is a means to undermine parental rights

It’s hard to believe this is really about spanking a child rather than a politician trying to use the state as a tool to destroy the family and turn children into puppets of the state.

Nicole Russell / Jun 16, 2020

#unrestricted, Opinion, Culture

JK Rowling is standing up to the mob for all of us

Just when the mob hoped JK Rowling would give in on her gender critical views about women, she told the world why she feels so strongly about this issue.

Nicole Russell / Jun 11, 2020


Leftist ideology has left young men searching for meaning in destruction

Young people are ignorant of any historical context. And a lack of purpose eventually erodes work ethic, personal responsibility, and morphs into lawlessness.

Nicole Russell / Jun 4, 2020

Opinion, American News

Kayleigh McEnany beats back bullies who call her 'indefensible and grotesque'

Much of the media no longer abides by the old mantra, "tell people what to think about" but instead just tells everybody "what to think and how to think it."

Nicole Russell / May 26, 2020

Opinion, American News

Hero salon owner jailed, vows to stay open for the good of employees and their families

To further punish Luther with jail time and a fine for contempt of court over the restraining order is akin to bringing an atomic bomb to a knife fight.

Nicole Russell / May 7, 2020

#unrestricted, Opinion, Lifestyle

Celeb culture is transparently meaningless during coronavirus

The massive chasm between those who can sit out the coronavirus at home and those who must venture out into an insecure world is becoming more apparent.

Nicole Russell / Apr 14, 2020

Opinion, Lifestyle

Assimilating to quarantine with new found perspective

In the beauty of new found simplicity we are provided with perspective that could change us all forever and perhaps really should.

Nicole Russell / Apr 2, 2020


Home schooling advice from a pro

Who knows? You could look back on Parenting in the Time of Coronavirus and find you made some of the best memories with your kids.

Nicole Russell / Mar 15, 2020

Opinion, Culture, #Entertainment

Genderless fairy godmother isn't magic, it's tragic

A genderless character would by nature disavow many of the Godmother’s traits like her ability to nurture, multitask, create, and surprise—some of which are quite feminine. Why would Hollywood want to tell little girls there’s something wrong with being feminine, or at least, a girl?

Nicole Russell / Mar 13, 2020

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