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Nicole Russell

Nicole Russells work has appeared in the The Atlantic The New York Times National Review Politico The Washington Times The American Spectator The Federalist and Parents Magazine.

News Analysis

BREAKING: House GOP hold DOJ accountable for weaponizing the FBI against angry parents at school board meetings

In a House hearing on executive overreach targeting parents, Dems ignore pleas for accountability

Nicole Russell / Mar 23, 2023

Opinion, News Analysis

California's latest gun ban modeled on Texas abortion law is still unconstitutional

Hypocrisy aside, there's a glaring difference between Texas's abortion law and this impending California law banning "assault" weapons: The Second Amendment is, and forever will be, a Constitutional right.

Nicole Russell / Dec 14, 2021

Opinion, News Analysis

Supreme Court weighs viability standard for abortions

"The fetus has an interest in having a life and that doesn't change does it? From the point before viability to the point after viability?" Justice Samuel Alito asked.

Nicole Russell / Dec 1, 2021

News, American News, Breaking

BREAKING: Texas passes bill to protect girls' sports

In their third special session, the Texas legislature passed a bill that would protect girls and women from being forced to compete against biological males in athletics.

Nicole Russell / Oct 19, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

It's not the patriarchy that's keeping women out of the workforce—it's women's choices

Over the years, data has repeatedly shown that women don't really want to bust glass ceilings, they just want one foot in their children's world and another at the office.

Nicole Russell / Oct 10, 2021

News, International News

UK court overturns ruling in Keira Bell case limiting use of puberty blockers in children

In the original ruling, the three high court judges said medical professionals working with children under 18 may need to consult the courts for authorization for medical intervention.

Nicole Russell / Sep 21, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Just say 'no' to Zoom first dates

Pushing the most important things in life, like faith, family, and friends to the online space, will make us less human, lonelier, and more depressed than ever before.

Nicole Russell / Sep 5, 2021

Opinion, Culture, News Analysis

JK Rowling sent violent threats by trans activists

Recently a Twitter user said he wished her a "very nice pipebomb in mailbox," the Harry Potter creator responded with sarcasm.

Nicole Russell / Jul 25, 2021

News Analysis

Texas election integrity laws are not 'Jim Crow 2.0'

Requiring proof of ID or a social security number and banning drive-thru voting are not examples of Republicans squelching voter rights.

Nicole Russell / Jul 15, 2021

News, American News

CPAC asks: 'Who's running the Biden administration?'

"I can't tell you who is in charge right now but I can tell you it ain't Joe Biden." Rep. Jackson said the White House is looking "more and more like an assisted living facility."

Nicole Russell / Jul 10, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Why I still love America

Happy Independence Day, America: Long may we be lovers of liberty.

Nicole Russell / Jul 4, 2021

News Analysis

WATCH: Democrats shout Rep Jena Powell down in the Ohio state house—to stop her from speaking for women's rights

Ohio Democrats criticized and yelled at Rep. Jena Powell while she was attempting to propose an amendment that would protect the integrity of girls and women's sports in Ohio last week.

Nicole Russell / Jul 2, 2021

News Analysis

Maine latest state to allow biological males who identify as transgender to serve time in women's prisons

The Maine legislature has, with little fanfare, pushed through LD 1044, legislation which gives male inmates the right to identify as females and be placed into women's prisons.

Nicole Russell / Jun 22, 2021

News, American News

BREAKING: Supreme Court rules in favor of first amendment right for religious foster agencies

The case involved a religious foster agency and its right to continue to foster children with a Christian ethos, including their views on marriage, which they believe is between a man and a woman.

Nicole Russell / Jun 17, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

I'm glad the Texas valedictorian is mad about abortion

The passage of the Texas heartbeat bill and similar ones throughout the country demonstrate a possible shift American culture might be having on abortion, even if the topic remains polarizing.

Nicole Russell / Jun 12, 2021

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