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Nicole Russell

Nicole Russells work has appeared in the The Atlantic The New York Times National Review Politico The Washington Times The American Spectator The Federalist and Parents Magazine.

News Analysis

Texas lawmakers fail to protect children from transgender agenda before end of legislative session

The legislative session ends on Monday, and the bills to save women's sports and penalize doctors who perform cross-sex medical procedures on children did not pass into law.

Nicole Russell / May 29, 2021

News Analysis

Texas lawmakers push to protect children from transgender medical agenda and to save women's sports

Texas lawmakers are working overtime to prevent the transgender agenda from influencing sports and medicine days before the legislative session ends.

Nicole Russell / May 20, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Why the left loves to hate Elon Musk

The left can't stand Elon Musk because he is the epitome of the American dream and he chose us, we didn't choose him.

Nicole Russell / May 12, 2021

News Analysis

Biden expands protections for transgender healthcare, removes religious exemption for doctors

This effectively undoes some of the Trump administration's policies that sought to protect rights and protections based in biological sex.

Nicole Russell / May 10, 2021

Culture, Discourse, #badge-discourse

US media praises puberty blockers for kids while other nations ban them

Withholding experimental drugs and treatment from confused children makes media unhappy because it doesn't uphold the narrative that being trans is a veritable cornucopia of unicorns puking rainbows.

Nicole Russell / May 8, 2021

News Analysis

Biden administration doles out millions in relief to universities while Americans fall behind

Public universities that charge tuition and already hold huge endowments should not have gotten millions of dollars in "relief."

Nicole Russell / May 1, 2021

Culture, Discourse, #badge-discourse

Leftists proclaim kids and pets are bad for the environment

All this preening about the environment is cute, but full of pretense and empty yearning: Having babies and owning dogs are the least of our problems, for starters.

Nicole Russell / Apr 29, 2021

News, American News

Ban on concealed-carry in New York to be challenged in Supreme Court

In a surprise decision, the Supreme Court of the United States has decided it will hear a controversial case challenging New York's gun laws.

Nicole Russell / Apr 26, 2021

News Analysis

Reopened states with low COVID case counts show that lockdowns are a farce

Five states had an increased jump in cases. In all but Florida–New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey–the states remain in some form of lockdown.

Nicole Russell / Apr 17, 2021

News Analysis

Amazon suppresses another book on the truth of trans

After merely six days on its shelves, on Tuesday night, Amazon blocked Desist, Detrans, & Detox: Getting Your Child Out of the Gender Cult from being sold on its site.

Nicole Russell / Apr 16, 2021

Culture, Discourse, #badge-discourse

Canadian Pastor Pawlowski shows how American churches should have responded to closures

In the United States, where churches were shuttered for various amounts of time by state, some pastors did push back—others filed lawsuits, and yet still others remained quiet.

Nicole Russell / Apr 13, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Colorado baker again faces legal trouble and accusations of bigotry for refusing to bake 'gender transition' cake

Because the Supreme Court punted the true core issues of the case down the road, Phillips faces another thrashing via targeted, time-consuming lawsuits.

Nicole Russell / Mar 25, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Cancel culture will cancel our kids—why Teen Vogue should have kept Alexi McCammond on as EIC

Instead of cancelling Alexi McCammond from her role as incoming Editor-in-Chief, Teen Vogue should a stand against a culture of cancellation that they helped perpetrate.

Nicole Russell / Mar 21, 2021

News, American News

The Equality Act will undermine religious liberty

The Equality Act would infringe on the rights of religious groups to have separate spaces and accommodations for men and women and would undermine religious freedom in the US.

Nicole Russell / Mar 18, 2021

News, American News

Capitol riot defendant requests trial be moved to home state of Texas

The defense attorney for one of the women arrested for storming the US Capitol Jan. 6 has requested her client's trial be moved to her home state of Texas to avoid a biased jury pool in Washington, DC.

Nicole Russell / Mar 15, 2021

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