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Nicole Russell

Nicole Russells work has appeared in the The Atlantic The New York Times National Review Politico The Washington Times The American Spectator The Federalist and Parents Magazine.

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Biden White House wants to know your pronouns

This change aligns with one of the 17 executive actions President Biden signed Jan. 20 after his inauguration, many of which undo the things the Trump administration accomplished.

Nicole Russell / Jan 21, 2021

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WATCH: Caravan of illegal immigrants say Biden will help them

A statement issued on behalf of the caravan said the migrant group demands the Biden administration honor its "commitments" to illegal immigrants in search of US citizenship.

Nicole Russell / Jan 18, 2021

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Lockdowns don't work—so why aren't nations trying anything else?

Locking down a healthy society, hindering healthy people from stimulating their own economy freely, is anathema to mitigating COVID-19. Dozens of countries tried it and it failed.

Nicole Russell / Jan 17, 2021

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Women are hardest hit by December job losses

In December, women accounted for all the job losses that month, losing 156,000 jobs in total, while men gained 16,000 jobs.

Nicole Russell / Jan 16, 2021

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Virginia school board member to parents: 'Do you want your kids to be alive or to be educated?'

A school board member of the Alexandria Public School system was caught on video suggesting parents who want their students to return to school are asking for a death wish and that's why schools have remained closed.

Nicole Russell / Jan 9, 2021

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If we cared about the next generation we would open schools

Crusades against all have been made in the name of our next generation. What about reopening schools?

Nicole Russell / Jan 5, 2021


Women’s Liberation Front releases Media Style Guide to take back language from trans ideologues

One of the most common complaints about the mainstream media’s use of transgender names and pronouns is that these often quickly usurp women’s rights.

Nicole Russell / Jan 4, 2021

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Study finds that asymptomatic COVID spread is rare—so why are healthy people in quarantine?

Discovering that people without symptoms rarely spread the virus is like discovering the world is actually round and you can't fall off it. Now we can all go a lot farther.

Nicole Russell / Dec 29, 2020

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Nevada family sues school for forcing biracial son to 'make public professions' about his racial identity

A Nevada family has sued a public charter school after the school forced a biracial 12th grader to take classes in Critical Race Theory and make public professions about his racial identity.

Nicole Russell / Dec 24, 2020

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COVID relief bill diminishes school choice opportunities for American families

Despite the fact that the relief package provides an upcoming $54 billion to flow into the K-12 public school system, it severely undercuts non-public schools.

Nicole Russell / Dec 23, 2020

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DOJ sues Walmart for fueling the opioid crisis

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a civil complaint Tuesday against Walmart, alleging the big box giant played a significant role in the nation's urgent opioid crisis.

Nicole Russell / Dec 22, 2020

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Democrats should have picked Tulsi Gabbard for VP

This last week, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Haw.) has shown once again why the Democrat party really should have picked her for Vice President instead of Kamala Harris.

Nicole Russell / Dec 20, 2020

News Analysis

Supreme Court declines to hear religious liberty challenge against school closures

The Supreme Court declined to even hear the case the Attorney General of Kentucky and a private, religious school submitted challenging the Kentucky Governor's COVID-19 restrictions.

Nicole Russell / Dec 18, 2020

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Texas takes Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin to Supreme Court over voting irregularities

"All these flaws – even the violations of state election law – violate one or more of the federal requirements for elections... and thus arise under federal law," the lawsuit stated.

Nicole Russell / Dec 8, 2020

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BREAKING: Ted Cruz will argue Team Trump's case if it appears before Supreme Court

Senator Ted Cruz, (R-Tex.) has announced if the Supreme Court decides to take up the Pennsylvania mail-in ballot case, he will make the oral arguments.

Nicole Russell / Dec 7, 2020

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