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Nicole Russell

Nicole Russells work has appeared in the The Atlantic The New York Times National Review Politico The Washington Times The American Spectator The Federalist and Parents Magazine.

Opinion, News Analysis

Biden's pick for HHS Secretary is the California AG who sued nuns

Becerra's most infamous battle is against the Little Sisters of the Poor. Becerra claimed they should not be exempted from the Affordable Healthcare Act's contraceptive mandate.

Nicole Russell / Dec 7, 2020

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Mass acceptance of Elliot Page's gender transition is dangerous whimsy

Hollywood and media tell us that every new gender identity that a person comes up with to define their relationship to their own bodies is meant to be swallowed whole.

Nicole Russell / Dec 6, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

Biden's ladies first comms team choice proves ideology is queen

If identity were the leading factor, then any success from members marginalized identity groups would be praised, instead it's only those who have the right ideology and the right identity.

Nicole Russell / Dec 3, 2020

News Analysis

Supreme Court unsure if immigrants can be excluded from Census

In Trump v. New York, the Justices analyzed whether or not the Trump administration could exclude illegal immigrants from the country's census data.

Nicole Russell / Nov 30, 2020

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Supreme Court's dissent on religious liberty is why the court needs Justice ACB

Instead of playing the role of Constitutional advocate, Justice Sotomayor immediately sides with public health officials and political leaders.

Nicole Russell / Nov 29, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

Independent contractors have reason to worry under a Biden presidency

The gig economy has never been more robust, even as COVID-19 has wiped out jobs by the millions, yet Biden and Harris support laws that will give the government the ability to restrict employment.

Nicole Russell / Nov 26, 2020

News, American News

Failing grades up by 83 percent as online learning takes its toll on students

Data for Fairfax County, the Commonwealth of Virginia's largest school system, reveals that forced remote learning creates a "trend of more failing."

Nicole Russell / Nov 25, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

Student petition demands Texas state curriculum include anti-racist elements

In a petition that has garnered 13,000 signatures, students are asking the Texas State Board of Education to implement an anti-racist history curriculum to the state's K-12 schools.

Nicole Russell / Nov 24, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

WATCH: Radical trans activists pressure young boy to publicly claim he's a girl

In the clip, a mother parades her preschool-aged boy named "Phoenix" in front of a crowd and announces he would like to be recognized as a girl with "preferred pronouns."

Nicole Russell / Nov 23, 2020

Discourse, #badge-discourse

I regret to inform you: half of America hates you

The left has unveiled their true feelings about the electorate—numbering nearly 70 million people—who voted for Trump, under the guise of concern and understanding: Don’t buy it. It’s a farce.

Nicole Russell / Nov 21, 2020

Opinion, Culture, News Analysis

Harry Styles wearing a dress in 'Vogue' shows the problem with modern masculinity

A glance through the Vogue spread raises the question: What happened to masculinity? Where have all the real men gone?

Nicole Russell / Nov 16, 2020

News Analysis

Justice Alito defends religious liberty and the left loses its mind

It's not political activism to be a robust defender of the First Amendment, and especially religious liberty, which was enshrined into the Constitution for such a time as this.

Nicole Russell / Nov 14, 2020

News Analysis

Trudeau government's criminalization of conversion therapy could overstep parental rights

Conservative lawmakers worry that the bill as it's written could conflate sex and gender and make it illegal to stop a minor from transitioning, since that could be labelled "conversion therapy."

Nicole Russell / Nov 14, 2020

News Analysis

Supreme Court to hear case that could invalidate Obamacare

This is the seventh time aspects of "Obamacare" have been tested at the High Court and the second time this particular provision will be tested.

Nicole Russell / Nov 10, 2020

News Analysis

California says 'no' to making app-based workers into employees

Freelance workers now take up almost 15 percent of the economy signaling more people may choose to participate in the gig economy and are relieved at the passage of California's Proposition 22.

Nicole Russell / Nov 6, 2020

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