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Libby Emmons and Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

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EXCLUSIVE: Gay rights pioneer ASSAULTED by genderqueer leftists during Vermont Pride parade

"Everybody kind of slid up against me," Sargeant said. "I couldn't move one way or the other. And when I did try to move, somebody would yell, 'you're hurting me!' as though an elderly man with a cane is somehow capable of hurting a young person."

Libby Emmons and Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / Sep 20, 2022

News, American News, Culture

BREAKING: Twitter RE-SUSPENDS NY Post writer for tweets about activist journalist Carlos Maza

Jonathan Levine was suspended from Twitter for posting a story about journalist Carlos Maza, twice. He was reinstated only to be banned again.

Libby Emmons and Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / Mar 8, 2020

News, American News, Culture

Antifa and left-wing activists incite panic over free-speech conference

What is worrying is the left’s seamless merging with the very things they purport to fight against. In their fight to stomp out oppression, they themselves have become the oppressor

Libby Emmons and Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / Aug 21, 2019

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