Biased establishment media gives Trudeau free pass on being “very opposed to abortion”

Trudeau is “personally very opposed to abortion,” yet doesn’t plan to use the government to enforce his personal belief.
Spencer Fernando Winnipeg, MB

On social media, an old article about Justin Trudeau is making the rounds, and is once again exposing the immense anti-Conservative bias of the establishment media.

The article from 2011, was about Trudeau’s response to former Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro, who had questioned Trudeau’s adherence to the Catholic faith.

Trudeau expressed how he was “surprisingly upset” at having his faith supposedly questioned, and then the article includes this:

He notes that he is personally very opposed to abortion, but still believes nobody can tell a woman what she should do with her body.”

“My own credo is completely consistent with that, and I’ll defend my own faith and my own values to the utmost extent,” Trudeau said.

How interesting.

Trudeau is “personally very opposed to abortion,” yet doesn’t plan to use the government to enforce his personal belief.

In practical terms—as in, the actual impact on laws and on people’s lives—that’s about the same as Andrew Scheer’s position.

Scheer—for religious reasons—is opposed to abortion. Yet, as he has said time and time again, he won’t pass legislation that restricts abortion.

Whether people agree with that position or not, Scheer has stated it repeatedly, and it’s exactly what the Conservatives did during their 10 years in power.

Despite all the Liberal fear-mongering, the Conservatives never passed any legislation restricting abortion in Canada. Even when they had a majority, and even when backbench MPs tried pushing legislation on abortion, the Conservatives ensured there were no changes to the laws.

Now, some people might say it’s unfair to bring up Trudeau’s personal opposition to abortion, considering the comments were from a 2011 interview.

Yet, the establishment press made a huge deal out of Andrew Scheer’s “unearthed” comments from 2005, turning it into a huge story for weeks and forcing him to hold a press conference in response.

So, why isn’t the establishment media making a huge deal out of Trudeau’s 2011 comments? After all, they’re six years more recent than Scheer’s.

And, considering that the Trudeau Liberals have been so relentless in trying to bring up abortion and demonize Scheer and the Conservatives, shouldn’t Trudeau’s hypocrisy and past comments be fair game?

If we had an unbiased media, then Trudeau would be facing the same criticism being levelled at Scheer. But we don’t have an unbiased media. Instead, we have a co-opted, bailed out, biased press seeking to tip the scales in Trudeau’s favour.

That rampant and dangerous bias is why websites like The Post Millennial and are increasingly seen as the best sources for truth by growing numbers of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando
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