BREAKING: Dan Bongino drops MAJOR sponsor that caved to Antifa boycott campaign—'Cancelling works both ways'

"Cancelling works both ways," he said. And to those companies that would bow down to left-wing extremist activists on Twitter, "If you don't support free speech, get out. I'm not interested at all."

Libby Emmons Brooklyn NY

Dan Bongino took to the air on Friday to speak out against unhinged left-wing activists who are going after conservative news outlets and pundits, and the businesses that capitulate to their whims.

The Post Millennial has been a target of left-wing activist @nandoodles, Nandini Jammi, and her comrade Antifa member and activist Chad Loder, who has defamed the news and culture site and concocted lies in an effort to get companies to pull their advertising.

Bongino took aim at Jammi, saying that her sole purpose in life is "to sit in her basement, eating Mallomars feeding her cats," and that "in between that she likes to initiate boycotts of conservative websites which is quite hilarious."

From Bongino's perspective, any of those companies that go along with Jammi's attempted cancelling are weak, and don't deserve to have their products advertised anyway.

"If you have weak companies that don't want to work with people who are politically conservative, please do us a favor, get rid of them for us," Bongino said. "You're doing us a huge public service," he said, noting that no one wants to pay an ad company "any kind of a cut" who would succumb to the bogus claims of activists.

"So she's melting down on Twitter and pretending to be the victim. 'Oh my goodness, I started a boycott, and I'm so sorry and pathetic,'" Bongino mocked.

"She probably cost SimpliSafe a whole lot of money and a bunch of negative media attention," he said, noting that they WERE one of his sponsors, past tense.

"Cancelling works both ways," he said. And to those companies that would bow down to left-wing extremist activists who complain on Twitter, he said "If you don't support free speech, get out. I'm not interested at all."

"It's kind of inside baseball," Bongino said, "and if you're a conservative content producer… Here's a group of leftists nuts, there's very few of them, again, they're all basement dwellers, they don't have a lot of money or lives or anything and they're not particularly bright."

"They're paid by people like Media Matters," Bongino said, "and others, and they sit around and they watch conservative content, and they just look for any reason to try to promote a boycott against your show."

"That's legitimately what they do," he said.

"Now, to be candid, if you don't have a lot of money and you're not financially secure, I guess, it can be pretty painful right? They could probably take a few of your sponsors away,

"But what they don't realize is they've actually created a parallel economy," Bongino said, noting that about half of the American public has an interest in content that is independent and balanced. These are "short term victories" for leftist extremists, Bongino said, because as they fire little shots at conservative media, they are pushing that media, along with cultural content creators, into a parallel economy where they can't be cancelled by activist shaming.

"Please, I'm begging you, keep going," he said to activists like Jammi. "You have no idea the trap you're falling in because you're too stupid."

"I had this sponsor, SimpliSafe, and they're a great company, I have no problem with the company at all," Bongino said, before delving into this week's news that he has intentionally parted ways with the security company.

To that end, he brought up Antifa member and activist Chad Loder, who was recently served with a restraining order. "He doesn't like people going after Antifa," he said.

"So Chad Loder tweeted to SimpliSafe on their official account, they're a security company, trying to say, 'Hey, why are you guys advertising on Andy Ngo's site he's associated with called The Post Millennial."

"Well The Post Millennial is not run by Andy Ngo," he said. "Andy Ngo is not a conservative. He's an Asian, gay man who is not a conservative at all, but he exposes Antifa violence."

"It's weird," Bongino said, "because SimpliSafe responded to Chad Loder, and said 'hi Chad, thanks for bringing this to our attention… We notified our advertising partners and this site is being excluded from our ad by ASAP."

"So, cat-lady writes 'confirm: SimpliSafe is blocking its ads from The Post Millennial,'" Bongino reported.

"Now keep in mind, and Nandini's like: 'oh wow look at this victory lap, look what we're doing, this is so great, right!'"

"Post Millennial may not have the assets I do," Bongino said, "or the resources, or the time or the 'go f*ck yourself attitude' I have. I'm sure they do— but they don't have the assets to fight back that I do, which are substantial thanks to people like Nandini."

"And when you push me, I push back. You tell me to stop talking, I talk more," Bongino said.

"And I thought wouldn't it be a good idea if we then told SimpliSafe 'you better retract that.' Well they haven't yet so we canceled them!" He announced.

"Which was sad because they were a great company and produce a good product and I also canceled the service, too."

"You're playing with the wrong people," Bongino said. "So I'm gonna warn these companies out there to do business with Nandini, just like I cost Warby Parker, the eyeglass company who deals with Nandini, a whole lot of business."

"Don't doubt me folks, my audiences, thousands of times larger than the cat lady's. This is asymmetric warfare. I am a war of attrition guy, and I don't stop, ever," Bongino said. "I have a really bad temper, a really horrible attitude.

"And one thing I genuinely dislike are communist totalitarians. I have amassed enough of a fortune saving over my entire life to dedicate the rest of my life to combating liberal communist buffoons like Nandini Jemima and I Chad whatever his-face-is."

Bongino dug into Chad Loder, questioning why a security company like SimpliSafe would think it was "a good idea to do business with him," given that he has recently been served with a restraining order, along with being an Antifa member. He said the company might want to reconsider their affiliation.

Bongino shared a video that Ngo had posted showing Loder served with the restraining order in Los Angeles, noting that Loder's victim said that he "repeatedly threatened and harassed them."

"Why is SimpliSafe talking to this guy?" Bongino asked.

"Loder has gained a large following on Twitter by the far left for spreading disinformation propaganda and doxxing people," he said, noting that this was reported by Ngo on Twitter.

"Probably not a good idea to be associating with, but Nandini, by the way, seems to love Chad. Does Nandini know he was just served the restraining order? According to Andy Ngo, the victim says Loder has repeatedly threatened and harassed them. It's kind of strange people to be doing business with as a security company," Bongino pointed out.

Bongino said that he's basically happy to have Nandini and Loder expose those companies that are opposed to free speech, such as MediaMath, her latest target. He pointed out that Nandini's latest campaign is to get advertisers to stop doing business with Bongino Report and his properties.

"She says, 'Hi MediaMath, quick question... Do you have an active relationship with'"

"Let me answer that for you, Nandini, "I don't know, and I don't even care. What is this, some kind of like intimidation? MediaMath! "Oh no, don't go after MediaMath, oh my gosh, it'll be over, we'll be off the air tomorrow!'" He joked.

"We care so little about this I actually highlight attention to her tweets," he said. Bongino had to ask around in his company to find who MediaMath even was, but once he found out that their ads are served via an ad company, he addressed them on air.

"So MediaMath I don't know who you are, but if it makes you happy, and you want to be a political censor as well, just cancel the account. I really don't care, I have no idea who you are, you may be wonderful people, you may not be, I have no idea who you are, I care so little about the cat lady and this guy she's dealing with who was just served the restraining order. So please, knock yourself out, have fun, I will put you on my list with SimpliSafe, apparently the companies that have a problem with political free speech. That's your call, I have no idea who you are, you may be great company, you may be a bad company. I couldn't care any less," Bongino said in defense of free speech and justice.

"It is a futile endeavor. I never stop. I never slow down. I never get tired, you will never ever be able to stop what I'm doing. There is no amount of energy you can possibly contribute to this endeavor that will ever dissuade me from engaging in this long term war of attrition for ideas, nothing you can't possibly win. This is a colossal waste of your time, you will only enrich me, make me stronger and encourage me to report on more of your cat activities and other things to us, it will never stop." Bongino said.

Tim Pool has spoken out against advertisers like Surfshark VPN who are willing to terminate business relationships based on Twitter accounts, and has no time for those who listen to liars.

These activists merely utter lies on Twitter, tag advertisers, and are instantly heeded because advertisers are afraid of being cancelled by ferocious leftists. They have made claims against The Post Millennial, and The Post Millennial's editor-at-large Andy Ngo, that are not only false and defamatory but provably so. The activists' tirades are not only full of lies, but are designed to end free speech and an open exchange of ideas.

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