BREAKING: Ford says 'there will be consequences' for landlords who do not help tenants

Ford said that it was up to landlords to accept the olive branch from the provincial and federal government.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford addressed media on Monday, providing updates on the coronavirus pandemic situation. This followed an eventful weekend, thanks to the Trinity-Bellwood park situation, where hundreds of Ontarians flooded a local park and largely ignored the pandemic protocol.

At the presser, Ford commended those who have stepped up and volunteered to help seniors and vulnerable communities across the province, saying that over 6,500 Ontarians have stepped up since April 9.

Though the tone of the press conference was generally positive, journalists quickly changed topics to the matter of the Trinity Bellwood Park and the controversy over social distancing requirements this weekend.

Ford Shocked By Packed Toronto Parks

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Posted by The Post Millennial on Monday, May 25, 2020

Ford said he was "disappointed, to say the least" with those who showed up to the park. Ford spoke directly to those who went to Trinity-Bellwood, saying "why don't you do us all a favour and go get tested now."

Ford said that he would not be punishing the rest of the province for the actions of a few Torontonians, saying that it would be unfair.

Toronto Mayor John Tory was also seen at the park without a mask properly put on, to which Ford said that it was "up to the mayor" to get a test or not.

Ford said it would not make sense to go with a regional approach, as Torontonians would still be able to go to rural areas.

Regarding landlords, Ford again pleaded with landlords to take up provincial and federal programs designed to protect tenants, which would see a 25 percent drop in revenue for landlords.

"I'm asking the landlords, again. We put close to—with the federal government—close to a billion dollar program in, that we're asking for 25 percent off them. The federal and provincial government are paying 50, the tenant will pay 25 percent, and... they need to start signing up for this, because they aren't going to like the consequences if they don't sign up for it."

Ford said that it was up to landlords to accept the olive branch from the provincial and federal government. "Please, I'm asking you, I'm begging you, please sign up. Trust me. If they don't sign up, there will be consequences, simple as that."