Jessica Yaniv appears in court, confronts Post Millennial reporter

Jessica Yaniv appeared in court today where she accused a Post Millennial reporter of taking photographs of her in the women’s washroom during recess.

Notorious trans activist Jessica Yaniv appeared in a British Columbia court today where she faced two counts of possession of a prohibited weapon violating the Firearms Act. During recess, Yaniv falsely accused this  reporter of taking photographs of her in the women’s washroom.

I entered the woman’s washroom, noticed that Yaniv was there, and quickly exited. Police responded to Yaniv’s false claim by searching my phone, only to discover that I had not done what Yaniv had claimed. He yelled at me that he was going to charge me with “voyeurism.” I was also verbally harassed by Yaniv’s mother, Miriam.

Before the hearing, Yaniv successfully had Keean Bexte of The Rebel News kicked out of the courthouse.

Yaniv requested a publication ban. The hearing was then moved to another room where Yaniv cited “harassment” as the reason for requesting the ban. The presiding judge did not agree to the ban. “There is no power in the criminal code for me to do that. I am rejecting your application.” Justice Jette said.

Yaniv told the judge that she was “in-between lawyers” and needed more time. She requested a new court date and one was granted for February 10, 2020.

Yaniv was arrested in August by RCMP after appearing on popular YouTuber Blaire White’s channel. On a live stream, she displayed the functionality of a taser and claimed to be fully aware of its illegality.