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Amy Eileen Hamm

Amy Hamm is a writer and nurse. BA in journalism at Thompson Rivers University; BSc in nursing from University of British Columbia. @preta_6

American News

National Institutes for Health kick evolutionary biologist out of symposium for asking gender-critical questions

"By removing me from the symposium, I believe my 1st Amendment rights were violated, and I will be seeking legal counsel," Wright said.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Jul 24, 2024

American News

'I lost my son': Elon Musk tells Jordan Peterson his trans son Xavier was 'killed by the woke mind virus'

"I was told that Xavier might commit suicide. So I was tricked into doing this."

Amy Eileen Hamm / Jul 22, 2024

American News

New gender guidebook seeks to help parents protect children from trans trend

"We are optimistic that, armed with these tools, parents can make better choices for their children."

Amy Eileen Hamm / Jul 20, 2024

Canadian News

Canadian doctors demand ability to offer child sex change services via video call

A new book detailing the procedure for youth telemedicine reveals that doctors believe they should be able to offer sex change services to minors virtually.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Jun 16, 2024

Canadian News

Woke British Columbia teacher claims she is in 'danger' after being exposed for indoctrinating students in gender ideology

"We can’t breathe, the school is plastered with posters, she can’t focus on anything else," a colleague said of the teacher.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Apr 10, 2024

News Analysis

Over 400 Canadian musicians and artists sign letter opposing 'anti-trans legislation in Canada'—there isn't any

Signees included Tegan and Sara, Alanis Morissette, Neil Young, Sarah McLachlan, k.d. lang, and Elliot (formerly Ellen) Page.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Apr 4, 2024

Canadian News

AMY EILEEN HAMM REPORTS: Patients sue fake nurse, BC health authority, and licensing body for battery, negligence, breach of duty

Cleroux is currently serving a seven-year prison sentence in Ontario for crimes including assault while pretending to be a nurse in that province.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Jul 7, 2023


AMY EILEEN HAMM: Canada's Globe and Mail defamed me and Jordan Peterson over 'misinformation' claims

The Globe and Mail apparently sees no issue name-dropping Peterson and me in an article that talks about how "regulators are increasingly being asked to step in when medical professionals promote false or harmful information online." 

Amy Eileen Hamm / Feb 14, 2023


AMY HAMM REPORTS: Simon Fraser University students study porn, fatness, write 'Twitter rants' instead of essays

Rather than writing academic papers, the professor of Fat Studies allowed students to submit a "Twitter Rant."

Amy Eileen Hamm / Jan 6, 2023

Canadian News, News

BC healthcare union to hold 'Defund the Police Workshop' for members

Senior media relations officer for the RCMP, Staff Sergeant Janelle Shoihet, told The Post Millennial that “[t]he reality is, police are called upon to do work that is far outside of policing.”

Amy Eileen Hamm / Jun 16, 2022

Canadian News, News

Ontario woman restrained, denied access to see family, now unconscious in intensive care

“I can handle death, and I can handle losing my mother. But not like this,” said Mary-Clare. “It’s cruel—essentially you have kidnapped my mother.”

Amy Eileen Hamm / Mar 16, 2022

News Analysis

Protesters demand that biological males not be housed in women's prisons

Protestors gathered at six women’s prisons in Canada and the US on March 6 to demand changes to legislation and policies that enable males who identify as females to serve time in women’s prisons.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Mar 9, 2022


The freedom convoy isn't an emergency for Canadians, our divisiveness is

Canada is falling apart, and we have a civic duty to choose dialogue over the politics of division.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Mar 2, 2022

Opinion, News Analysis, exclude

Teens treated or referred to gender identity clinic are at 5.5 times greater risk for suicide: study

The media narrative that trans youth are suicides waiting to happen is a lie that does not help—and is likely to harm—trans-identified youth and their families.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Feb 12, 2022

Opinion, Culture

Helen Joyce's 'Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality' is a much needed takedown of woke ideology

It's about time that we refuse to allow the deranged children of the culture war a seat at the adult's table.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Jan 21, 2022

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