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Amy Eileen Hamm

Amy Hamm is a writer and nurse. BA in journalism at Thompson Rivers University; BSc in nursing from University of British Columbia. @preta_6

Opinion, News Analysis

WATCH: Non-binary waitress awarded $30,000 by Human Rights Tribunal for being 'misgendered'

In addition to the money awarded to Nelson, the tribunal also ruled that the restaurant must implement a pronoun policy and provide both human rights and diversity, equity, and inclusion training for all staff.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Nov 29, 2021

Opinion, News Analysis

WATCH: Women are women, not 'bodies with vaginas' or 'pregnant people'

Transgender activists are making a concerted effort to erase both the legal category of the female sex class, and to demand that the words "woman" and "female" are deleted when referring to biological women.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Oct 3, 2021

Opinion, News Analysis

It's time to remove biological males who identify as transgender from women's prisons

The enactment of Bill C-16, passed under the Trudeau government, allows males who self-identify as females to transfer into women's prisons—no hormones, surgery, or attempt to appear female required.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Sep 20, 2021

Culture, Discourse, #badge-discourse

'Material Girls: Why Reality Matters for Feminism' is a must read book on the transgender debate

Kathleen Stock's Material Girls is about gender, sex, feminism, and transgender ideology, topics that are inseparable from wider cultural forces today—like postmodernism and poststructuralism.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Jun 21, 2021

News Analysis

Puberty blockers banned to treat gender dysphoric youth in Sweden

Canada has been doubling down on the affirmation model, which tells clinicians to immediately affirm anyone's chosen gender, no questions asked.

Amy Eileen Hamm / May 6, 2021

Culture, Discourse, #badge-discourse

The 'bad women' fighting gender ideology will stand up for sex-based rights

All of the women who have put their social acceptability, friendships, relationships, jobs—and even their safety—on the line in the fight against gender ideology are a rising tide, so to speak.

Amy Eileen Hamm / May 3, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Vancouver rally against the medical transition of youth draws large crowd, naked protestors

This fight is bigger than political grievances between those who fancy themselves leftists versus anyone who falls to their right on the political spectrum.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Apr 18, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

'Wrong thinking' trans people speak out on Transgender Day of Visibility

I reached out to four trans people I admire and asked them to share something they would like the general public to know about the LGBT movement.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Mar 31, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

New foundation aims to fast track hormones and surgery for trans-identified person without gender dysphoria diagnosis

GALAP believes anyone who reads about transgender medical care on the internet—with or without the guidance of medical professionals—is capable of providing informed consent to hormones and surgeries.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Mar 28, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Vancouver opens facility for transgender persons only after pulling funds from women's crisis center for 'transphobia'

In Vancouver, women are second-class citizens. The city that rescinded grant for woman-only rape shelter intends to spend $3.8 million to create a facility that is only for transgender people.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Mar 2, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

University of British Columbia medical school teaches that women 'may or may not have a penis'

Canadian medical students should not be required to mentally toggle between scientific facts and woke falsehoods in order to perform well on tests.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Feb 21, 2021

Opinion, Culture

Canadian students asked to consider if it's bigoted to not date trans people

How far removed from reality and common sense is our culture that we would ask teenagers to consider whether or not they should be compelled to date someone they are not attracted to?

Amy Eileen Hamm / Feb 9, 2021

Opinion, Culture

'Don't call us menstruators' petition taken down by

Women who don't want to be called menstruators created a petition using to ask that the practice be stopped. Instead, cancelled the petition.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Jun 22, 2020


Canada's nurses need to be heard on care concerns amplified by coronavirus

COVID-19 has left us all afraid of impending equipment and bed shortages, but we can have all the supplies we need, but without nurses, there is no care.

Amy Eileen Hamm / May 18, 2020


Don't believe the hype, being a mom is great

If you’re worried about the having children at the “right time," consider that it will never arrive and so, in that sense, any time could be the “right” time.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Mar 22, 2020

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