BREAKING: Trudeau touts 'significant success' in returning detained Canadians home as two Michaels remain detained in China after 564 days

Trudeau said that his government's efforts to help Canadians detained abroad has shown "significant success" over his tenure is prime minister.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed media on Friday from the Big Rig Brewery in Kanata, Ontario, a retooled business which has shifted their production to hand sanitizer.

Trudeau selected the destination likely due to their use of several Liberal government-led funding initiatives, such as the Commercial Rent Assistance program, as well as wage subsidy funds.

Red Cross entering care homes

Trudeau announced on Friday that the Canadian Red Cross would move forward in providing support to the Quebec long-term care homes until September 15, with the first unit arriving on July 6. Trudeau also said that the Canadian Armed Forces would remain in one long-term care facility in Ontario, and will be leaving in the coming days.

"The Canadian Armed Forces will leave any centre in Quebec that has not gone from a red condition to a green condition. We need to stabilize the situation everywhere those Canadian Armed Forces are, and nobody will pull out any military personnel until the centres in which they are, are fully stabilized," said the prime minister. Trudeau said 150 Red Cross members would be coming in the next week, with an additional 750 more in the coming weeks across Quebec.

"I can highlight that it was actually the Red Cross that participated in training up the armed forces when they first went in in April," said Trudeau, ensuring Quebecers that they were in good hands.

Two Michaels in China

On China and Canada's imprisoned two Michaels and differing opinions at home on how to deal with the situation, Trudeau said that conflicting voices were expected.

"I've been very clear on this, Canada continues to put the safety of Canadians at the top of our priorities," saying that his government was working "actively" on the return of the two Michaels.

"As a democracy, and as a country that encourages freedom of expression, there's always going to be different different perspectives on what a government should do and how government should do it."

Trudeau called the situation "frustrating" for many Canadians, saying that international support for the two Michaels was being "rallied" around the world.

"They're concerned that their countries or their citizens could be next in this approach to putting pressure on foreign governments that China seems to have undertaken. This is a real concern upon which, as a world, we need to continue to be united, and I'm very pleased by the support we've gotten... around the world on this issue."

Trudeau said that his government's efforts to help Canadians detained abroad has shown "significant success" over his tenure is prime minister.

"Some of it is public, some of it is diplomatic and behind the scenes," he continued.

Wage subsidy hurting small businesses

Regarding changes to the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, Trudeau said that his government was looking at ways to ensure that the subsidy doesn't serve as a way to "disencourage" workers from full employment.

Regarding the closing of dozens of Canadian Legions across the country, Trudeau said that his government is working with the Minister of Veterans Affairs to "try and ensure" that help is getting to Legions and other small organizations.