Canadians won’t see Super Bowl commercials on Canadian TVs Sunday

Bell and the NFL went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada to stop American Super Bowl ads from airing on Canadian TVs.

Due to the outdated draconian broadcast regulations of Canada, US blockbuster Super Bowl ads won’t be played on Canadian TVs during the big game on Sunday.

Late last year the Supreme Court of Canada overturned a decision by the CRTC to allow US channels to air the American commercials in Canada.

This upset Bell and the NFL, who had an exclusive rights deal. Ratings for Bell were lost after the CRTC decision as Canadians flocked to channels that offered the superior US commercials.

Bell and the NFL took their grievance all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada and won, so after a few years of the US ads being available on Canadian TVs they’ll once again be replaced by lower-budget domestic ads.

To see the US ads, like the below Jeep commercial featuring Bill Murray reprising his role in Ground Hog Day, Canadians will have to once again go on the internet.