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WATCH: Biden brags about 'extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization' created by Democrats

Video shows Biden bragging about Democrats' "most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization."

Celine Ryan

Fauci recommends mandating masks if people refuse to wear them

"people are not wearing masks, then maybe we should be mandating it."

The Post Millennial

Revered libertarian publication tells people not to bother voting 10 days before election

Reason Magazine has an important message for Americans: don't bother voting.

Celine Ryan

Sacha Baron Cohen calls for Facebook censorship, then gets outraged when they censor him

Actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen recently tweeted a complaint about how Facebook is handling his posts, in ironic juxtaposition with his previous pro-censorship statements.

James Anthony

Facebook is falsely flagging conservative users as ‘dangerous’ and ‘associated with QAnon’

Conservatives and Republicans are being limited by Facebook and flagged as 'dangerous' by the platform.

Ari Hoffman

WATCH: Matthew McConaughey calls out cancel culture and anti-Christian bias in Hollywood

"You can't erase someone's entire existence, where the heck des some forgiveness go?"

The Post Millennial

AP says Joe Biden will give citizenship to 100,000 illegal immigrants in 'fact check' targeting Spanish speakers

A new AP article is stating that Joe Biden is promising to give citizenship to 100,000 illegal immigrants in his first 100 days of office. This claim is however, unsubstantiated on Biden's platform, raising many questions on the campaign's strategy.

The Post Millennial

Chelsea Handler goes full-on racist over 50 Cent's support of Trump: 'I had to remind him he was a Black person'

Chelsea Handler, a comedian and ex-girlfriend of Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, felt she had to call her ex out publicly over his recent tweets supporting US President Donald Trump.

James Anthony

Biden calls Pennsylvania voters who do not support him 'chumps'

Video of a Biden campaign shows the Democratic presidential candidate calling Pennsylvanian voters who do not support him "chumps."

Celine Ryan

Twitter & Facebook to testify on election-related censorship, but not until after the election

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to defend their censorship against the New York Post.

Celine Ryan

USPS under fire for poor service, could affect mail-ins

With the US Presidential election less than two weeks away on November 3rd, concerns have arisen about the United States Postal Service's ability to deliver mail-in ballots on time.

James Anthony

Dem Senate nominee campaign tells people to 'delete' shares of article revealing Hitler yearbook photos

Yearbook photos released Friday appear to show Arizona Democratic Senate candidate Mark Kelly dressed up as Hitler for a Halloween party during his time at the Merchant Marine Academy.

Celine Ryan

Beverly Hills Police Department warns businesses to 'board up' in case of riots on election night

Beverly Hills business owners are being warned by police to board up their businesses the day prior to the election, due to fear of riots.

The Post Millennial

EMAIL: Hunter Biden's business partner asks him to remove Joe Biden's photo from Ukraine energy firm website

In the latest Biden email scandals revealed days before the general election, one of Hunter Biden's business partners frantically told him to ask Burisma to take Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's picture off their website.

Mia Cathell

WATCH: NYPD cracks down on Jewish gatherings

Police in New York City are entering private Jewish residences to crackdown on gatherings.

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